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fiction by Carol Tightly

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It was our last night in the hotel room, and I was in a rather devious mood. My wife and I had been down to the hotel’s club for some dancing and fun after what had been a rather intense business trip. Both of us, by now, were fairly horny and were necking by the room’s window where we could see the moonlight through the towering buildings that surrounded us.

It was my wife, who as we French kissed, caught a glimpse of someone in the building across the street. In a dimly lit room he stood by the window with a pair of binoculars. Though he was hard to see it because quickly obvious he was scanning the windows of our hotel from top to bottom. It didn’t take us long to figure out he was some kind of voyeur hoping to catch sight of naked women or maybe couples.

“Geez” she mumbled, “what an old lecher”. Then with a giggle she gently pulled the room’s curtains closed, blocking out the evening. Well, a game of slap and tickle ensued from there and it wasn’t long before my wife was naked, and I was all but clad just in my boxers. I’d earlier affixed a set of fabric and Velcro bondage cuffs, made for travel, to the bed and was now edging her towards the mattress. I have a thing for bondage and teasing my wife when she’s helpless. She, when in the right mood, was apt to allow me taking pleasure in her own helplessness and the erotic adventure of it all.

damsel in distress Soon I had her secured on the bed on her back in a relatively taut spread-eagle position, the cuffs keeping her open and wide for me. I dimmed all the room’s lights save for the one directly above her which softly framed her nude and helpless figure for me. She observed me as I pulled out a vibrating wand and then a ski mask I carry for such occasions when we play the “attacker and damsel in distress” games. Coming back to the bed I crawled atop it and began to fondle her breasts. Her nipples soon got quite hard as I massaged and tweaked them. Taking one nipple in my mouth I nibbled on it for a moment which elicited a soft moan from her lips. Rising from the bed, I placed the vibrator at the edge of her vagina, pressing it between her lips so it barely touched her clitoral knob. Then I clicked it on, letting it tease her gently. She was already moist and I could see her juices start to lubricate the dildo.

As she warmed up I wandered over to the window and peeked through a crack in the curtains. It took but a few seconds to spot our voyeur across the way still scanning windows. That gave me a rather devious idea. Pulling the ski mask over my head I moved to the side of the curtain and used the cord to pull it open a few inches.

When my wife spotted me doing it she shrieked in dismay and called out to me “What are you doing?”

I chuckled and stopped turning towards her. “Why I was just opening the curtains dear to get a view of the moonlight.” With that I pulled it a few inches farther.

“Ron!” she hissed out. “That guy’s probably still across the street! If you open that up, he’s liable to see me.”

I chuckled again and opened another few inches.

“Oh gawd, I’m naked dear he’ll be gawking at me or something.”

“Well,” I started, “First, it’s not like you aren’t attractive. Secondly, you know I’ve always had a yearning to get you exposed in a semi-public but safe manner. Third, it’s not like he can figure out what room we’re in and wander over for a cold beer or something. Not to mention we’re leaving in the morning anyway.” I let it all sink in for a moment before concluding. “Besides since I already have you secured and helpless, it’s not like you can do a damn thing to stop me.”

A low groan escaped her lips as I pulled the curtains the remainder of the way open exposing her to the window and the night.

Moving back towards her I took to opportunity to tickle the sole of her bare feet for a moment distracting her from the window. Then bending over her I took a pair of nipple clamps from my suitcase and snapped one on each of her diamond hard nipples. She moaned outright at the sudden clamping. Taking the vibrator I turned it up to medium speed before inserting it deeply into her now outright wet vaginal canal. Helplessly spread she began to writhe and wriggle on the bed tugging at the bondage as the vibrator worked its magic. Wandering back to the corner of the room I peer through the edge of the window and caught our binocular man. He’d spied my helpless wife and was now honed in on her.

“Hmmmmm” I mused. “I wonder if those binoculars are strong enough to dial right in on your nipples dear.”

She just moaned and called me a prick.

I walked back over and turned the vibrator to high. Then taking up my belt from my trousers I said “Let’s make sure he gets a show.” Arcing down with the belt I caught her twice across the breasts and tummy. She yelped and jerked helplessly. Twice more I struck the soles of her feet as she wrenched helplessly. Then came a long moan and her entire body arched; the vibrator had won and she was now in the throes of orgasm. I left her there and checked the window as she convulsed and jerked and the waves overtook her.

When the spasms subsided I reached up between her legs and retrieved the vibrator, shutting it off and tossing it aside before wandering over and closing the curtains.

My wife breathed an obvious sigh of relief. It was short lived. I slipped the straps out from under the mattress and pulled them over her head where I secured them to the headboard of the bed. This left her with her feet spread up over her wrists and legs splayed obscenely open. Before she had a moment to catch on I was back at the window reopening the curtains. With the lamp highlighting her sopping pussy she groaned in dismay again.

“Ron, he can see everything now, my … Oh damn … Ron!”

It was then to her ultimate embarrassment I dropped my jockey shorts and let my engorged penis plop free, swinging between my legs like a pendulum.

“Ron, You’re not going to … with the window open ...”

I just leered and climbed onto the bed.

Another moan “Oh dear, you’re not going to let him see you do that to me are you?”

Without a word I straddled over her and with her pelvis tiled to the air jammed my hardness deeply into her. I began screwing her like a bitch in heat. With big long thrusts I made sure he got to see full length dick driving in and out of my helpless wife. While her head lolled and she kept moaning no, her vagina was hotter than ever and accepting my thrusts with slippery ease. I kept at it like a stud stallion for several minutes until I reached climax and bean squirting my load. Sure enough she tumbled into a second orgasm just as I did. I let two spurts fly into her unprotected womanhood before pulling out and splatter shooting the rest on her pelvis, tummy and chest.

She hung in a limp heap afterwards, totally spent.

I slipped to the window and closed the curtains again, this time for good.


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