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Twin Fantasies
by StealthBinder

After graduating collage, I needed to move out of the dorms and find a place to live. Since the company I interned with hired me on, I already had a decent paying job. I wanted to live on my own without a roommate but since I had student loans to pay off, I didnít have nearly enough money to buy my own place yet. So I looked for an apartment to rent near my job, but still close enough to participate in some night life action.

I found an upper of an older duplex that was neatly in my price range. The place had 2 bedrooms, a full bath and kitchen and a decent sized living room. Another benefit was the 2 car garage was empty, so I had a place to park my car out of the rain and sun. I had access to the basement for storage, which I didnít have much need of.

In the lower apartment was an elderly widow in her 70s. Her place was larger, having an extra bedroom and larger kitchen and living room. She and her only son had bought the place several years ago when he was fresh out of school, with him living in the upper. After he got married, he and his wife live in the apartment until they had their first child. They found a new place to live and rented the upper out. Sadly, this prior tenant was a looser who trashed the place and later got evicted a month earlier.

When the son showed me the place, it still needed work, planning to have the place painted and new carpet installed. He wanted up update it, but the cost was a little out of their price range. I then hit on the idea of asking if we could work a deal where I remodeled the kitchen and bath and did the work in exchange for a break on the rent. The son was quite happy with the idea. My rent was cut in half for the first 6 months and I spent many nights and weekends tearing out and putting in new counters, sinks and tile work. It was stuff I enjoyed doing and the break in the rent was a welcome bonus, applying the saving toward my student loans.

The woman down stairs was a nice old lady and kept to herself most times. Her son and family came by often, either to visit or take her places. Her grandkids seemed to adore her. She was always pleasant to me and often gave me cookies and such she baked when she knew the family was coming over. The best part was as long as I didnít make too much noise, she didnít complain, kept out of my stuff and never bothered me unless something was wrong and she couldnít get a hold of her son.

During this time, I dated but nothing serious. I had a long term girl in collage, but we broke if off shortly before graduation, realizing we had different goals in life and the bedroom. While I had dreams of a swinging bachelor pad, the reality was I was more focused at this point on my life than most girls were use to, so my relationships were sparse and limited. And I had plans for my future wife and most girls didnít quite fit what I wanted.

After a year and a half of living there, the mother got sick and went to the hospital. She passed away a few weeks later. I went to her funeral and could see how devastated her family was. In truth, I found I too missed her, especially her warm grandmother like smile and how pleasant she always was.

Several weeks later, the son and I met up when he was cleaning the lower apartment out. He was unsure if he wanted to sell the duplex or not, but decided to keep it for now as a rental property. He asked if I wanted to move down to the lower, which I didnít, preferring not to have people walking above my head. Again, the lower needed updating and we arranged for me to do the remodeling work with my rent cut in half for several months. Over the winter and spring months, I updated the lower apartment, redoing the kitchen and bath and using the rent savings to pay off the last of my loans and even buying a new TV.

The son said he was going to be very selective in who he rented the place too. He didnít want another bad experience with a dopy renter. Several weeks after I completed the work, I learned that the place had been rented to a couple of sisters and the new occupants would be moving in at the first of the month.

I must say I was quite pleased when I saw the new tenants on moving day. They showed up late morning, but I didnít see them when they first arrived, for I was still in bed after a late night out with my buddies. I awoke when I heard movement and voices below and peeked out, getting my first sight of one of my new neighbors. This sister was a natural bleach blond beauty, with blue eyes and a beautiful face. Her hair was wavy and would come down past her shoulders though that day she had it up in a pony tail. She wore a printed t-shirt, pink jogging shorts and gym shoes, showing off her long legs, tight ass, trim waist and ample chest. Man, was I happy to see she had moved in below. If her sister was anything like her, I was going to have plenty of eye candy around to gaze at.

Seeing the gal didnít have much help, I dressed and decided to go down and introduce myself while offering my muscle. I met the leggy blond beauty in the driveway, carrying in a lamp. With the face of an angel, she was even more gorgeous up close. Only she was wearing a different shirt and had changed into red jogging shorts. While I pondered why she might have changed, I spotted sibling Ivy come out of the back door, still in her pink shorts.

It was at this moment that I realized not only were my new neighbors sexy sisters, they were identical twins!

Oh man, I felt like I hit the jackpot!

I introduced myself and found out the names of these two hot ladies. The sister in the red shorts was Holly and the one in pink was Ivy, so you can guess the time of year when they were born. Both girls giggled when they saw the puzzlement on my face at seeing both of them for the first time. But I quickly recovered from my confusion and my raging hard-on, reveled myself as their neighbor above and offered my assistance. They gratefully took my offer, especially when it came time to move in the heavy furniture. We had all their stuff moved in by mid-afternoon and I was treated to beer and pizza as a reward for my help.

During out impromptu meal, I got to know these lovely ladies better. Turns out the girls were new to the area, moving here to pursue modeling and possibly acting careers. While they had help loading up the trailer, they knew no one who would help them set up their new place. I identified the subtle differences in them, so I quickly learned to tell them apart. They were 22, had arranged jobs serving tables at a nice restaurant to pay the bills, no real friends in the area and, most important, neither currently had active boyfriends. Talk about a fantasy come true.

Of course, every fantasy a guy could have ran through my mind. Lonely twin babes, new to town, with no one to help them or show them a good time. I have visions of them walking into my apartment naked, begging me for sex and taking care of their needs and mine over and over. Sorry, but a guyís got to have dreams.

I didnít want to blow my chances by hitting on them the moment they were in my sight. So keeping my male ego and engorged cock in check, I decided to play it cool and befriend them, but holding onto hope of bedding one if not both of them one day in the future. While I held the advantage of being their neighbor, I knew my chances of landing either one of them were slim, considering piles of guys would be flocking to them and they could choose as they pleased. Being a friend to them meant I could see them more often and get to gawk at them without being considered a wolf. Plus, I wanted to be a good neighbor to them as well. I told them if they needed anything they should knock on my door and offered to show them around the area if they needed a guide before I departed alone to my apartment that evening.

I returned to my place a happy yet frustrated guy. Having two hot babes, twins no less, so close to me but having to keep them at a respectable distance was going to be rough. But then again, the scenery around the old apartment had just dramatically improved.

Well, that knock on my door came the very next day. Ivy came up to ask if I could help them connect up their TV to the cable. Of course I would and had their entire entertainment system hooked up within the hour. I was rewarded with a hug form them both. That was the best physical contact I ever had with a woman while still fully dressed.

As the weeks went by, things settled in. Since the girls worked evenings, they were home most of the mornings. Their modeling careers were not going crazy, but they did get a few jobs over the months that help pay the bills with a little cash left over for fun. Often I heard their stereo going or the sounds of the TV playing some kind of workout video. I would see on weekends that the girls would dress in spandex clothes or shorts and tank tops for their morning workouts.

The girls were inseparable. They did almost everything together. They shopped together, ran errands with one another, or just hung out. If they needed to go to get groceries, they went together. They even had matching work schedules so they could work the same shifts and have the same days off. About the only things they didnít do together was shower and they slept in separate bedrooms.

As the summer got warmer, Iíd see them out in the back yard, clad in bikinis and sunbathing on towels. Often, the tops would be untied when sunning their backs. I admit I would spy on them for a while, hoping to catch a glimpse of a naked breast if they quickly popped up. But I soon came to realize that I was being a real pervert and backed off. Still, my eye often wandered to seeing the girls below on their comings or goings, or leaving for work in their standard waitress gig get-ups. They looked quite sophisticate yet very sexy, which I surmised help them earn many a generous tip from lecherous male customers.

The girls dated, but it seemed they too were having a hard time building real relationships. If you saw how many evening we all stayed home, youíd think we were lepers or something. Most of the guys they found like the girls, but wanted to get into their panties far too quickly and scared the ladies off. These girls were classier, not holding to the 3 date rule for putting out, so they got dumped often. I too had my idea of the perfect girl I wanted, so our love lives suffered severely. Often I would spend a Friday or Saturday evening with one of both of the sisters, just hanging out talking, joking or watching a movie. It was weird having a friend that was a girl whose panties I wasnít trying to get into. Having two was even weirder but actually very nice. Sure beat sitting around alone.

One weekend, the girls had a rare Saturday night off and we all were felling like losers since none of us have dates. So I decided that we needed to lift our mood and get out for some fun. I stopped down and told the girls to get all spiffed up for we were going out on the town.

We hit a club around 9 and stayed till closing. The girls looked so hot, Ivy in a tight black skirt and sparkling top, Holly in a clingy red club dress. Both wore sky high heels that made their long legs even sexier. Guys were drooling over the twins and I got the most envious looks having a hot twin chick on each arm. When some guy tried hitting on them, he brushed him off and returned to me. They really played it up by giving all their attention to me and rubbing against me while the three of us were dancing together. I felt like a big time playboy or something.

Sadly, nothing more came of it when we got back home, but I did get nice puckered kisses and big hugs from both gals in thanks before we went to our separate apartments. I played the part of the perfect gentleman and didnít press for a horizontal hook-up. But I did stroke off to relieve my pent up sperm jam, thinking about having both girls before I went to sleep.

But my fortunes changed radically a few weeks later. It was a sunny Friday in early fall when I got home from work. Both Ivy and Holly had the night off. I ran into Holly, who told me Ivy was upset, going from a great high from their modeling job that morning to a real downer this afternoon. Turns out the guy she had started dating a week earlier asked to have a 3-way with the twins. Considering he and Ivy never even slept together, she was rightfully pissed off and told him where to shove his 3-way. They guy had been phoning ever since, only to have the received slammed in his ear. Thus ended that relationship.

So, considering the two of them were now home for the evening and bit low on cash, I went down to their door and invited them out for burgers and a movie, my treat. I had plans with some buddies that night, but considering Ivy needed her spirits lifted, I was more than willing to bag out of it and take my sexy neighbors out for a little fun. At first I considered taking the girls with me to meet my friends, but concluded that since my buddies would just drool over them, it would be a more enjoyable time to have the girls all to myself. Ivy, wanting to just stay home and sulk, was resistant at first, but Holly and I talked her into it and we all got ready.

We went to a bar I knew that served killer burgers, having a beer with our meal. Ivy spirits lifted quickly and we had a very enjoyable dinner. We picked an action flick for our movie and I even bought the popcorn. While not a great flick, it had an OK plot and some cool effects. But it did have a hot chick that got kidnapped and tied up so our hero could come rescue her at the climatic end, after the big fight scene with the lead villain. Considering I like seeing hot chicks in tight bondage, it made the movie worth the ticket price of all of us. Though in this one, the director should have insisted they use more ropes on the chick. Drawing from past experience, I could tell she should have escaped her bonds when they left her alone, though the gag looked realistic enough.

Later, we stopped at a bar to have a nightcap and even my twins echoed my comments on how flimsy the bondage was in the scene. With my curiosity now perked, I had to ask how they knew that for a fact. They giggled and said they had some first hand knowledge on the subject. When I asked for more details, they both admitted they had been tied up before, but would leave the particulars to my imagination. I told them I had a very active imagination, which we all laughed to. They volunteered nothing further on the subject of their bondage pasts, but ask me if I liked to practice bondage and if I had any experience. I answered yes on both counts, but since they wouldnít tell me, I wouldnít give any of my dirty, kinky details. Although I did brag that I could have tied up the movie star a lot better.

Later that night I did let my imagination get active. Trust me, I had vivid thoughts about first one then both twins tied and gag, squirming in my ropes. It would make a sensational layout in a bondage magazine. Of course I had wild optimism that it could come true some day, but believed that in reality, that kind of stuff usually happens only in fiction stories.

The following day, I got a knock on my door around 10. It was Holly, dressed in a vibrant blue spandex halter top and shorts, saying their bathroom sink was plugged and asked if I had the time to help. Saying Iím will always make the time to rescue a fair damsel in distress, or in this case a pair of fair damsels, I grabbed my trusty plunger and followed Holly down to the lower unit. Ivy was dressed similar to her twin, only hers a light pink outfit, doing some warm-up stretching in the living room, but stopped when I came in. Both girls had on white tights, slouch socks and gym shoes, in preparation for their morning workout routine. Ah, the perks of being the man of the house.

I found the sink was clogged with hair, just as I expected it would be. The gals stood in the doorway and watched me work. It only took me a few moments and several plunges to clear the ball of slimy hair from the drain and get the water flowing again. The girls cheered for me and called me their hero as I disposed of the hairball in the trash and washed my hands. Sadly, I could not come up with any valid reasons to stay in their apartment, even though the view down here was much better. So I made it to the living room and was about to leave before they stopped me.

To my surprise, the girls commented on how they should thank me for all my hard work and for the good time I showed them the night before. I had a feeling there was something more going on here than just a little hair in a sink. They had impish smiles on their lovely faces, like they were quietly plotting something, but not quite decided on if they should do it or not. So I decided to take a chance and play along, again repeating my damsels in distress line.

It was Holly that asked how they could properly thank a hero for all his kindness. Taking my chances, I replied back that I always saw myself more in a role of the villain. Ivy asked if I like to put a damsel into her distresses, to which I replied I like to get her into just enough distresses so I can collect a proper ransom. The girls were happy with that reply.

They asked me if they could trust me. I asked had I done anything since the time we knew each other that would make them not trust me, to which the said no, Iíve been nothing but a great guy and perfect gentleman to them. They decided that yes, they could without a doubt trust me. Yeah, you could say this was leading somewhere.

They then told me, alternating the narrative between the two of them, that they both enjoyed being tied up in tight and restrictive bondage. They played with bondage as teenagers, after seeing old movies and pictures of women bound and gagged, and wondered what it was like. As time went on, they built up a collection of ropes and such and often would tied each other up, seeing who could keep the other one inescapably tied in the most creative ways.

When they got older, and they realized there was a sexual side to bondage, after they read stories from old kinky story magazines about women who had unbelievable orgasms and hot sex while bound and gagged by their lovers. But since they rarely stayed in a relationship long enough to trust a man enough to let him render them helpless, they never quite fulfilled their fantasies of being bound and sexually pleasured as they believed it could be. On the rare occasions it did happen, once tied and gagged the guy often spent time on taking care of his own needs rather that those of his bound subject, and the girls hardly got much out if it. So as a cheap substitute, they practiced on each other, sister tying up sister and watching her squirm while masturbating to climax before reversing roles. Sometimes a vibrator was inserted or tied in place on the bound victim, just to add some extra spice to the games. Even now, they spent many a lazy morning or evening binding one another, just to enjoy the feelings and test their limits.

This was music to my ears and got the blood pumping to my prick.

After telling me all this, they asked me if I was willing to back up my boasting form the prior night. When I managed to asked how, they said that I must have some prior experience as bondage, since I bragged that I could tie up a woman better than the film makers did to the Hollywood starlet. I replied that yeah, I had and could do better and I would be happy to demonstrate if they liked.

They looked at each other, then turned to me and said in unison Ďprove it.í

They then offered a little deal to me for some extra motivation, as if I really needed it. If I could tie them up so neither one of them couldnít escape my rope work in 30 minutes, they were then mine for the rest of the afternoon to tie and gag as I pleased till they needed to go to their restaurant jobs.

The girls were standing next to one another, looking like a pair of exercise fashion dolls. They looked so cute and sexy, with these little impish smiles on their lips. The tight spandex tops squished their breasts down, but still looked so full in contrast to their exposed flat tummies. The shorts showed off every curve of their well formed asses and slender hips and those long lean legs. How could I refuse such an offer? Of course I agreed at once.

I was worried that I didnít have enough bondage supplies in my apartment to properly do the job on these two gals. But they solved that dilemma when Holly directed my attention to the large duffle bag on the coffee table. Inside were miles of ropes, all cut to various lengths and wrapped in little neat bundles, with the ends burned to prevent fraying. There was a generous load of scarves and bandanas as well, perfect for binding, gagging or blindfolding. All the tools a bondage lover needed to render one or two hot chicks helpless in one convenient carrying case.

Since we were all friends here, I determined we first needed to set some ground rules. The sisters agreed and had some of their own. We decided that no exchange or expulsion of bodily fluids would be permitted, no clothing would be removed by any party involved and under no circumstances would any inappropriate touching be allowed, at least not for this round. We also agreed on a safety signal that if either of them made it, the bindings came off immediately no matter what. They asked that I explain what I was going to do beforehand and that they also had the right of refusal of any idea or situation. I requested they give me input, provide their ideas, telling what was good, too tight or loose, or if they wanted something more or in particular.

After setting the general rules, we agreed on the conditions of the deal. I had no more than 30 minutes to tie them both up using ropes only. They could not start trying to escape until I signaled I had finished applying their bindings or before the time limit elapsed. Once complete, they had exactly 30 minutes for at least one of them to get free, or at least to a point where she was reasonably free enough to complete the task. Getting to a phone did not constitute breaking free, since in a fantasy scenario I would have disconnect the line, and turning a door knob didnít count, for keyed locks could be used as well.

In addition, I had to use only what was in the duffel bag and I could not use additional apparatuses, such as a chair, broom handle or any other items, to tie them to or against. They could be sitting on a chair or table, but not be fastened to it. This was a test of my rope working skills and creativity against their bodies and getaway abilities.

Since teeth and lips could be used to help a sibling escape, gags would be permitted but gag removal did not factor in as part of the time limit or count in the partial escape condition. They could assist each other in escaping, but at least one of them had to have her hands totally free within the time limit to count. I argued that if I were a real villain, I would be checking on my captive beauties on a regular basis. So if I came in a found one or both of them partly untied, Iíd simple retie them into new and far more restrictive positions. The girls found this a realistic and plausible condition, but said they wanted the majority of time trying to get free on their own before they would start working cooperatively. So, we amended our escape time to 45 minutes, 30 minutes separately before spending the last 15 minutes working together.

Lastly, I put one last limitation on myself. Since this was a twin fantasy, in more ways that one, I had to tie them exactly the same, within reason. The girls would be tied in parallel, with the notion that if one could escape my handwork, the other should be able to as well, given enough time. I had to use the same number of ropes on each of them, tied in a similar manner and at the same points on their bodies. The girls liked that idea.

Now while this sounded like a lot of rules, it did several things for us. First, it made sure nothing happened that someone didnít want to happen. After all, this was a friendly game that was intended to be fun and enjoyable for all, and we didnít want to spoil it or create any bad feelings because of a miscommunication or misconduct. Second, it reinforced that these foxy ladies were correct in their judgment that they could completely trust me. We wanted to still be buddies when this was all over, with the chance to do it again and again in the days to come. And third, since it was a game, we need to have clearly defined and fair rules on who won and who didnít.

It was well past 11 before we began and the twins had to be at work by 4:30. If I wanted time left over to bind them again that afternoon to my liking, allotting them enough time to get ready for work, we had to get started and be done by mid afternoon. Since they were potentially going to be tied up for nearly an hour and a half, factoring in time to untie them too, I suggested that they stretch for a few moments to get limber and warm up their muscles. Last thing I wanted was to have to untie one of them because of a cramp.

As they did their warm-ups, I thought out how I was going to tie them and what items I would need to use from the bag. Since I had a time limit, I decided that I would start simple and stick to the basics until I had them rendered utterly helpless. Once satisfied, I could add more ropes as time permitted to further impede their ability to get away or add more aesthetic qualities. This was going to be a challenge, but a damn fun one.

Holly then asked if they did happened to get free, what price I would pay to them. Ivy suggested that since they were not so bad at bondage themselves, the rolls would reverse and they should have the chance to tie me up for the afternoon. Since fair was fair, I agreed. Now while Iím not the kind of guy who likes to be bound and gagged, I couldnít help but wonder what theyíd do to me if they got me that way. It could have a quality all of its own.

Before we began, I asked the girls to take their shoes and socks off. As they did, Ivy jokingly asked if I had a foot fetish too. I said that while I prefer my ladies in high heels, in this case I didnít want the rubber of their shoes to scrap against themselves or each other. They smiled at one another and said theyíd be right back. A moment later, they both came in wearing 4 inch heeled pumps, Holly in black and Ivy in white. Matched with the tight spandex and tights, the twins looked awesome. I voiced my approval and thanks.

With both me and the ladies ready at last, it was time to start. Ivy retrieved an egg timer in the kitchen which had a 30 minute setting on it. I had them sit on the coffee table, facing the same way, set the timer in plain view for all to see and we got our kinky game started.

The biggest question facing me was how to tie their hands. Since I couldnít tie them to something, I need to position their hands so their movement was limited and they would have a hard time using their fingers. My preferred method was palms together behind the back. But since there were two of them, this might give ladies the ability to use both hands to untie her sisters knots. I though about having their hands tied in front, then anchored to their knees or ankles, but that wasnít that professional bondage model look I was going for. A hogtie was a great option, but too obvious and too predictable since I wanted to show how adept I was at this. A ball tied would have been perfect since it really limits movement, but it just seemed too unfair to use for a first binding. Tying them to one another was not outlawed and would have been visually erotic, but somehow violated the spirit of our contest.

So I opted from their hands behind, wrists crossed with palms up. Hands down would have been best, but to be tied for an hour like that might be too much for a first time. Remember, I was considering the future as well. I didnít want to make this a one time deal.

I first explained what I was going to do before I got going. I started with Holly, just because she was closest to me. Starting with a loop, I wrapped the ropes around her wrists, switching directions and knotting the rope several times before I cinched her bonds and triple knotting it again between her wrists. Ivy got an equal tie, hoping I had done a good enough job placing the knots so they couldnít reach or untie the ropes, her own other her siblings.

I moved on to the lower parts of their bodies. I indicated that I planned to tie their legs together at several points. Instead of stating with their feet, as most would do, I started with their legs above the knees. I did this so they could open their legs a bit to help the procedure. While I needed to touch their thighs more that we established, the twins understood the necessity to properly tie, cinch and knot the ropes. Besides, between their spandex shorts and tights, there was one layer of silky material on their thighs and two layers of protection between my hands and their privates. Not much chance of me getting in there to do much of anything substantial.

I then repeated the process below their knees before I moved on to their feet, wrapping the white ropes around their slender ankles tightly and cinching the middles. I looped the rope around the arches of the feet, just to make sure they didnít loose their sexy footwear while they struggled. After all, since we had a no touching-no exposures rule in place, it was the visual aspect of this that was important to me. The girls appreciated visual of that touch too.

Satisfied they werenít going to run off on me, I check my time. So far, I was doing well, but I still had a lot more to do to complete my work, so I moved on quickly. I had two more ties to complete and gags to apply yet. Since I really wanted to see them gagged, I prioritized my rope work, giving one bonding preference over the other. So Iíd do the first tie, then muzzle their speech and if time permitted, complete the last roping.

I took a rope and explained what I was going to do, not sure if they would go for it. If they balked at the idea, my loss and Iíd move on to the other idea. But since they had done it before, I later found out, I continued. I lopped a rope around Ivyís arms, just above her elbows and slowly pulled the loop close. Her elbows came closer and closer together until she finally said stop just inches apart from touching. I backed the rope off in inch, just to relax her a bit, then wrapped the remainder of the rope around and tied it off, making sure my ties were perfect so the rope wouldnít slip. Nothing worse than a poorly executed elbow tie thatís either too tight and cuts the blood flow off, turning the arms blue, or too loose so it slides down and becomes a jumble mess of cord.

I repeated the process on Holly, finding the same sweet spot and tying it off. The result was it pulled the girls shoulder back, adding to the restrictiveness of their bondage and drawing further attention to their healthy bosoms. Not that those needed that much.

While I prepared my gags, the girls discussed how good of a job I was doing. I cautioned them that they were struggling too much, violating the rule about not starting before I completed. Ivy just said she was testing her bonds, making sure nothing was slipping. Yeah, well, canít blame her for doing that. Well, I did actually.

As for their gags, I wanted to make sure to totally remove the use of their teeth as tools of escape. Using tape would have been best, but it seemed unfair. I decided on a multi-layer strategy. First, a bandana was folded and a knot was placed in the middle. I placed the knot into Hollyís mouth and tied the bandana behind her head, making sure her hair was not under the cloth. Ivy got the same, and both girls assumed I was done, but were wrong. I took a long blue scarf and wrapped it around Hollyís head, pulling it tight before tying it off. This created an over the mouth pressure gag, which looks great but is not the most affective at silencing the mouth. But with the earlier bandana layer, she was quite silent and the blue matched her spandex clothes. Ivy got the same, only with an outfit matching pink scarf.

Checking the clock, I still had time left on this phase of our game, so I decided to go for it and add the last rope to each of them. I took the two longest ropes in the bag and started on Ivy. With the first rope, I doubled it over, lopped it around her body and arms below her chest, with the rope ends in the front and pulled it snug. I then separated the rope ends and started to wrap the rope above her chest, passing the cords between her breasts to create an X between her tits. After two more wraps around her body, I passed the ropes below her chest again, crossing between her boobs again to further accent her generous breasts, but making sure I did my best to avoid touching her well formed mounds.

The ropes coiled three times above and below and twice between her boobs before I tied it off nice and snug behind her back and to her elbow ties. Not only did it tightly pin her well bound arms to her body, but drew special attention to her knockers. My intent wasnít to give her breast bondage, for I spaced the ropes far enough apart as to not squeeze her boob, but to accent and show separation between them. Holly looked on in amazement, grunting her approval before I did the same to her torso. The results were most impressive, both visually and functionally.

Had I had a little more time, I would have done another body wrap, this time around their waist and wrists, but having less than a minute till the timer went off, I called it quits and ended my work. The egg timer rang a moment later.

I felt I had done a damn good job on tying up my playful neighbors. The bondage looked darn impressive and they looked screaming hot in it. Other than the differing colors of their outfits and heels, they were as identical as looking in a mirror. The girls eyed each other up and down, kind of reviewing the work Iíd done. In doing so each knew how the ropes had been applied to her own body and how she looked in them. I saw nods and got grunts of approval from both of them. Visually, everything was great. But the test was not how good it looked, but how well it worked at keeping them restrained damsels.

I set the timer to the agreed 30 minute limit on independent escape skills and told the girls to have at it. The both began to wiggle and squirm on the table, trying to reach the knots on their wrists. Their fingers fluttered and they tied to twist their hands around, groping for a knot or the end of a rope. But I had placed all the knots and ropes behind their wrists and tied their hands and arms so movement was extremely limited, so trying to get a hold of something would be tough at best, if not impossible.

Both girls squirmed like mad. They bent over, arched their backs, twisted, turned, even stood up to gain an advantage to free themselves of my cords. Holly looked fantastic as she stood on her 4Ē heels and wormed her womanly body, fighting against the ropes that so far were holding her very tightly. Too bad I didnít have the time or opportunity to add a crotch rope to their bondage. It would have been a perfect accent on their hot bodies and given them something to distract them while they fidgeted. Her ass wiggled and jiggled, especially when she hopped a couple of times before sitting back down in annoyance.

Holly tied her best to free the ropes bound around her wrists but failed like her sister. She then tried to each down to her feet and untie the ropes around her ankles. With the ropes so well places and tied so firmly, getting to her feet was next to impossible unless she assumed a hogtied position, which she never tried at this stage. So after several wasted minutes of unproductive effort, she gave up on that tactic and went back to her wrists.

I couldnít sit, I had to walk around them, seeing them from every angle as they fought and struggled. Their bodies jiggled in the tight spandex outfits, especially their big boobs which bounced only slightly in the tightly applied ropes. They made some highly muffled grunts and groans through their gags, even letting some of their frustration come though. It sounded heavenly. In fact, they looked like a couple of bound angles as they struggled. But there was a real gleam in their pretty blue eyes. They totally loved every helpless second of their voluntary confinement. The ropes held them tight, just like they wanted and challenged me to do. No two bondage models ever looked lovelier.

They put on a real show for me, making my cock stiff as a board and ready to discharge. I was screw-happy horny, but according to the rules, I need to keep my dick in my shorts and under complete control. It was as sweet suffering to me as much as it was to them. Unknown to my bound subjects, I even secretly set the timer back, just to give all three of us a few additional minutes time to enjoy the situation. And I was already thinking about what I wanted to do with them next, provided they didnít get away. Too bad I didnít have a camera to capture evidence of my work. It would be the best layout Iíd ever saw.

The timer expired, ending phase two of the great escape game. I reset the timer for the girls to begin their 15 minute joint effort to gain their freedom. Ivy wormed her way over to Holly as the later turned her back to her sister. This is what I was most worried about. Separately, I knew they wouldnít get free in the allotted time no matter how hard they worked at it. Even if I gave them an hour, I doubt they could have gotten a single rope off. But together, I worried these two knew each other so well, they could think enough alike and work in sync to untie the ropes and end our little game prematurely. And I hate premature ends.

After a few moments of unsuccessful effort, they tired a different tactic and stood up. Holly hopped around to face her sister, who had turned her back to her twin. Holly studied the ropes on her sister for a moment, trying to figure out the best way to attack the bindings. Then she turned away and hopped next to her sister. Hopping on those high heels and keeping her balance while all tied up was a very impressive accomplishment, and looked sizzling hot too. Ivy crouched down a little to give Holly a better angle to work, but again, she couldnít reach a single knot to untie. My eyes were drawn to their long legs and tight butts, looking so sexy in their tights and high heels. After a couple of fruitless tires, they sat down again, then slid off the table and knelt on the floor. With their tied legs as they were, they had to kneel in next to one another. Back to back as best they could, they tried to first work the wrist ropes, the moved on to the ropes around their arms. Ivy found a knot on Hollyís arms, but she could only get two fingers on it and had no luck at unraveling it.

Even as I wished they wouldnít get free, I couldnít help think how they could accomplish the deed. Had one stood and the other knelt behind, they should have been able to pull the kneeling sisterís gags free, thus allowing her to use her teeth and have a better view to pull a knot free. But to my gain, they didnít try this tactic. Just to be a nice guy, I put a few more minutes back on the timer. Ivy saw me to this and grunted, but when she saw I was adding time, she seemed to be laughing behind her gag with a happy sparkle in her eyes.

Lastly, with time running short, both sisters flopped to the floor in final attempt at gaining their freedom. I pulled the coffee table back to give them more room to roll around and work, and added a couple more minutes to the clock. They snuggled up against one another, back to back, hoping that the new horizontal layout would get them what they needed to release themselves. At last, Holly inched herself down to Ivyís hands and convinced her to pull the top layered pressure gag down. This took a bit of doing on both their parts, for I had tied the scarves on rather tight, so it was not easy to slip a finger in to hook the material and tug at it. Eventually, it worked and the gag was off, exposing the second layered cleave gag.

But that was as far as they got. Victory was mine as the egg timer sounded the alarm and the extended time limit had expired. Both sisters rolled to a halt facing each other. Then, they giggled and started to struggle again, at ease in their body squeezing rope cages and relishing the feeling it game them.

Since they were content to remain in their bondage, I was content to leave them that way, at least for a little while longer. In the end, I let them struggle for another 15 minutes or so, wishing I could do more than watch. I found myself rubbing my crotch craving I could at least jerk myself off as they made happy noises of soft moans and groans while they played blissfully in their cords. But I was not going to be denied of my prize and I wanted to make a change on them to get onto the next stage. And I didnít want them getting any muscles tired or strained, especially the one between my legs.

I took the pressure gag off Ivy and helped her back to the coffee table. I think she was surprised I didnít remove the bandana too but didnít complain. But I had so much fun tying them up and watching them struggle, I figured a few more minutes of imposed silence would be acceptable to them both. I then helped Holly to the table, sitting her right next to her twin and removed the now useless scarf.

After giving them one last lecherous look over, I slowly reversed my bindings, taking the ropes off their torsos first. I skipped the gags and moved on to the elbow ropes, figuring this would provide the relief needed more. With each rope removed, I neatly coiled it up and tied it off, just like I found them in the duffle bag. I made it my mission that the removal of the ropes would be a slow, tasty treat, almost as good as applying them.

I stood in front of captive cuties, pondering what to remove next. When I quizzed the girls, the both held up their feet, confirming that they didnít mind their remaining gags. I removed the ropes above and below their knees, again bundling up the ropes into neat little packages, at the ready for future use. Nothing blows a great bondage moment like having to untangle your ropes while your lovely damsel waits impatiently.

At this point, I decided that I had removed enough ropes from their feminine forms. I wanted to confirm that our agreement would be honored. Keeping them tied hand and foot would give me some leverage in the negotiations. I untied each bandana and pulled the saliva soaked material from their mouths.

Even with the minimal amount of bondage on their limbs that would keep them from escaping, they were still the sexiest pair of bondage models Iíd ever seen. It was a mild PG-rated scene as far as kinkiness goes, but my neighbor gals were still burning hot and smoking sexy to my eyes. My pecker never remained so hard for so long without blowing.

Both girls were all smiles. They admitted to me that they had some doubts that I could keep them both so well secured, considering all the limitations imposed on our play. And they admitted they had been bested, for neither had been tied for this long without getting at least some of their bonds undone. And yes, since I had done such a masterful job on them, they were more than willing to pay up on their end of the bargain. Iíd say we had a win-win-win situation going here.

Since it was pass half past 1 in the afternoon, we decided we could use some nourishment. I reluctantly unbound the last of the cords from the ladies ankles and hands. With the extra time I put on the clock, the twins had been tied up for almost two hours, start to finish. On the one hand, that was great, for I had two sexy babes tied and gagged for that long for my personal viewing pleasures. The bad news was time was running preciously short for additional play that afternoon. They both did a bit stretching before asking my permission to remove their heels and make us sandwiches. While I hated to see the foot attire discarded, I agreed in the spirit of good will.

As we ate, we talked about the experience. Both girls claimed that it was just about the best stand alone, non-sex involved bondage episode they ever had. They asked what more I would have added to their confinement if we not had the tie-up time limit. I explained that I would have used more ropes around their waists and maybe even at their thighs. I also divulged my missed opportunity at employing crotch ropes. They agreed all those would have been good additions. Then to my surprise, they discuss how each of them had gotten horny during the session and asked what my reaction had been. Since we all were being honest, I gladly admitted, using non-crude terminology, how they made my pecker petrified during the past hours and how desirable I found them to be. The twins giggled and said that with the shorts I was wearing it wasnít hard to detect the influence the scene was having on me. What could I say? Though embarrassed, I honestly admitted that I found both of them exceedingly attractive and seeing them bound and gagged by my own hands was a crazy fantasy come true. The girls admitted it was a matching twin of their own fantasies.

It was past 2 when we finished our meal. If we were lucky, Iíd have about 1 hour to tie them up before they needed to get ready for work. This put a severe damper on my overachieving plans. I had roughed out at least three distinct ties I wanted to do to them, with hopes to do more if things worked out the way I had plotted. And the twins wanted to partake in more of my labors as well, now that some of the restrictions on bonding styles could be lifted.

Problem was we just didnít have the time to do things proper like we all desired. We had spent so much time getting ready and acting out the first episode, we didnít have enough to more properly. One bondage tie alone would take an hour, factoring in plenty of struggle time. Our ambitions were higher than reality and circumstances would allow. Add in that the twins didnít want to have to explain how they both got rope impressions on their soft skin to their boss later on killed even doing a quickie tie on them.

Ivy and Holly were just as disappointed as I was and asked for a private word between them. They slipped off to a bedroom to discuss something. While gone, I rummaged through their duffel bag of bondage apparatuses. More items were at the bottom, including multiple pairs of handcuffs and a couple of cool looking bright red ballgags with thong style leather ties. From all the teeth marks in them, I assumed these were favorites of the ladies. I expected to discover some sex toys, but not finding any, I surmised that those must be kept elsewhere, perhaps bedside and at the ready for when the nocturnal urge arose.

When the girls returned, they had a new deal to offer to me. Since time was the issue, they felt extremely guilty that they had made a deal that they couldnít fulfill instantly as promised. So, as compensation, they asked for a small postponement on paying up their end of the bargain till the following day. Not only would this give us an entire Sunday afternoon to inflict my trade on them, but since they werenít working that night, we could extend playtime into the evening as well. As a bonus, since I had such apparent good taste in female apparel, I would be provided a list of clothing options to clad them in, including changes of attire as the day progressed.

Completely shocked and surprised by their generous amendment, I pondered the girls offer for a brief moment. While it was a huge disappointment for the current day, I would get more then double the time to bind these fine-looking babes as I chose and even more options on positions and situations. And having options on clothing choices would be a nice bonus too.

Even before I could answer, they sweeten their pitch. If I agreed to the new arrangement, Iíd get a couple extra bonuses as well, but they wanted to leave those unspoken as a teaser and a special surprise for me the next day.

Well, how could I refuse? Since I already had such a great time and enjoyed the past few hours more than any I ever spent with a woman without intercourse involved, why wouldnít I wait a score of hours to have over double the fun. And I was intrigued as to what their bonus would be. So I said yes and we shook on the deal, agreeing to start at noon on Sunday.

Having already cleaned up the ropes and no further reason to stay, I recovered my trusty plunger, thanked the girls for a truly awesome afternoon and headed back upstairs to my lonely apartment. For the rest of the afternoon, I formulated my plans on what I would do to the twins tomorrow and reflected on how great the last few hours had been. I wasnít sure how I could improve on the perfection Iíd see earlier, but I was sure going to have fun trying. Of course, their promise of a bonus weighed on my mind, hoping that maybe Iíd get to see a lot more skin or perhaps theyíd ask to see more of mine. Only time would tell.

Lucky for me, a buddy had called and wanted to get a group together to play cards that night. The distraction was welcomed, otherwise I would have dwelt too long on it all and been jerking myself off all evening just thinking about it all. I hoped in by saving myself that evening would provide a significantly rewarding day the next.

I waited a few moments past noon before I headed down for my binding appointment, taking with me my personal supply of ropes and such. Better to have more bondage gear than necessary when restraining a lady than not enough. And with a pair of beauties at my disposal to bind to my hearts content, I wanted plenty of equipment at the ready to satisfy even my voracious visual appetite for fine ladies tied.

Ivy welcomed me in, asking what took me so long. The girls excitedly admitted that they were impatiently looking forward to our afternoon and were just as enthusiastic as I was, even thinking of calling me down early to get the festivities going sooner. I found it hard to believe they could be as eager as I was to get started. But seeing them with giddy smiles and how flushed they were, I believe they might have been right. Our loss they didnít make that call.

I was a bit disappointed that both girls were barefoot and dressed so normal in shorts and t-shirts. I guess I had hopes they greet meat the door naked, or in extreme vinyl underwear combos or something crazy like that. But they reminded me that since this was my afternoon, I had only to choose what they should wear and they would cheerfully comply.

Before we got started, we again set up our parameters for play. We confirmed our safety signal and the obligations surrounding it. And since we wanted to still be good friends when all this was over, that we wouldnít do anything extreme or harsh and cautioned about keeping communication open between us all. Lastly, they made it very clear that there were limits to sisterly love and at no time would I expect them to do anything unnatural with one another that they wouldnít do in public. I smiled at that. Guys may like to see a little lesbian action going on around them, but when I came to family, thatís just plain wrong. Besides, if I had them in a 3-way, I wanted their attention focused on me, not each other.

Beyond that, I was free to tie them as pleased with anything in the bags, as long as I made sure I informed them what I was going to do with them and that they still held veto power over anything they thought unexcitable. That was fine with me, for my ideal woman is one held prisoner in tight bondage, so no whips or harsh stuff is needed. But I did suggest that since we had full run of the facility, that we not be limited to one particular area of the dwelling to conduct out little game. The girls agreed, impressed that I was thinking outside the box and their apartment, but they did mandate we keep out little playtime within the 4 walls of our estate and under wraps.

They also said that my surprise would need to wait till later. They first wanted to see if I could repeat my performance from yesterday and how good of a job I would do on them now that I had creative license to bind them as I pleased. I really wanted to know what the promised windfall was going to be, but they insisted I needed to earn that knowledge otherwise it might spoil the gesture. Ok, so I would play along for a while. Besides, it would be fun getting the confession of them. Funny how these girls were going to tease me, even though they were going to be the ones all tied up.

So with the ground rules set, it was time to get started. The girls reeled off a list of items they were prepared to adorn their fine female forms in. It was an impressive, well thought out menu of choices. They offered their spandex outfits again, but I figured that since we did that already, we should save that for another day, if I ever had the chance again. There were three outfits that gained my attention. Two of which I had already seen on them, but one came as a real surprise. The latter I decided to hold in reserve, so I made my first choice, told them where to meet up with me and sent the twins off to change.

About 10 minutes later, I heard the clicking of high heels on the basement steps. I was already down there, along with our bags of bondage toys, waiting for my beauties to join me. They descended down to me, dressed up in their waitress outfits. Each wore a long sleeved white blouse that buttoned up to the neck, tight fitting short black skirt that stopped a few inches above the knees, nude pantyhose and black pumps with 4Ē heels. Since the restaurant they worked at was a better class place than a local diner, the ladies dressed in a classy, sophisticated manner, but they still look damn smokiní hot doing it. My cock grew so stiff at seeing them and knowing what was about to come for them.

After modeling their attire for me and asking for my approval, they disclosed were surprised at my initial choice, confessing they actually added this clothing option as a throw away, not expecting me to choose it. Being honest with them as well, I indicated that since I had seen them dressed like this so many times over the last several months, it was a logical choice that Iíd want to see how they looked while clad as such, kind of normal like, after adding in my fetters. The siblings liked my logic.

Now you might have a thought that an unfinished basement makes a lousy choice of venue to tie two fine looking women in. But this venue does have some real advantages. First off, as part of my remodeling work and knowing the washers and dryers were going to be located down here, I cleaned and organized the space. And I kept up on it as to make it a tolerable place for the ladies to come and do their laundry in without getting spooked. I kept it clear of spider webs and there were plenty of lights to keep it from looking dark and scary.

Second, the floor joists above, wooden interior walls, steel columns to support the floor above and the tenant storage lockers, consisting of 2x4 framing and wire fencing, provide plenty of great spots to attached ropes and such too, especially if you wanted your intended sexy victim to be standing while struggling in her bondage.

Lastly, it added a certain ambiance to our game. I mean, comíon, an isolated basement with all its wooden beams, tiny windows and block walls does make for a decent ready made faux dungeon. Even the cool and slightly damp air gave it a surreal yet appropriate atmosphere. My aspiring actresses were quite excited and got caught up in the roll playing mood. They decided to create a background plot of coming home from work and being attacked by their crazy neighbor, who dragged them down to buildingís isolated lowest level and tied them up for his kinky viewing pleasures, to be held there without interruption and out sight and sound of anyone else. Now, being their crazy kinky neighbor, thatís a fantasy I can relate to.

I had decided that since I was limited in the proximity of their parallel bondage position the prior day, I wanted to have a mix of close in-contact placements and separation scenes. In other words, sometimes Iíd tie them together, sometimes apart, but always within eye site of one another.

For this round, I decided I wanted them touching. I started with Holly, tying her wrists together in front of her, with her hands facing one another. Ivy got the same treatment, making sure I cinched the ropes for extra security, just like her sisters. I next added gags, using matching bandanas with knots tied in the middle. This would keep them from talking, but let plenty of those great muted mumbles come out. .

I worked on Ivy again, tying her legs together at the ankles and above her knees. I repeated the process on Holly, rendering them unable to break away from my degenerate scheme. Even with this minimal amount of bondage applied, the twins looked ravishing. They looked so sweet and innocent, yet sexy and desirable. Man, this was going to be some afternoon.

I then had the twins stand back to back, directly under a dangling rope that I fed over an above floor joist before they came down. Standing on a chair next to them, I had them raise their hands above their heads. Using the hanging cord, I lopped the rope around their wrist bindings, tying their hands together and holding them limbs above their heads. I adjusted the tension on the cord, taking the slack out until I had my ladies standing tall and stick strait. Had I pulled their hands higher, I would have hand them hanging by their wrists.

Now it was time to attach them together. Making sure they were decisively back to back, I took some longer ropes and, starting at the bottom, I wrapped their ankles together, then their knees and then their waists. Lastly, I took one more rope and bound their arms together at the elbows. With the work complete, my lovelies were hard-pressed against each other and not going anywhere.

Now in all great bondage situations, whether live, in pictures or in the movies, itís only fait that the lovely heroine have a little time to try and escape her predicament. Besides, a woman struggling in her bonds, wiggling her body and fighting against the well applied ropes, looks so damn erotic. So I told my tied beauty twins to have at it and see if they could break free of my bindings.

For nearly half an hour, my lovelies tired their best to escape the peril they were in, twisting and turning in their bonds, their fine bodies withering against each others. Yeah, their crazed neighbor had them tied tight and was delightfully looking at them and listening to all those great grunts and groans muffed by their gags as their matching sexy bodies wormed and squirmed. I damn near blew my wad just watching them from my chair and while walking around them.

My bound gals seemed quite happy too. While they struggled and tried to break free, it appeared it was more out of enjoyment rather than distress or a real desire to escape. Their struggles were slow and seductive rather than hard and furious. Quite often, one or the other would close her eyes and let out a long, deep moan. I especially liked how the rope showed off their small waists, and how their legs seemed to dance on their heels, though tied tightly to limit their ballet. Oh yes, they were into it as much as I was. Of course, they being tied made sure they were really into it.

After a fine half hour, I decided that their arms could use a little break, but I still wanted them nice and close to one another before I moved to the next scenario. First I acquired a couple short cords and the longest rope in our collections. Then, I removed the rope from their arms. I then freed their wrists from their hanging position, allowing their hands to drop in front of them. I took two ropes and attached their wrists to the knee bindings, to hold their hands down in their laps. Lastly, I took the long rope and wrapped it around their bodies, pinning their arms to their bodies. While Iím not a fan of hands in front bondage, for itís a lot easier to escape from, the rope holding their torsos pressed against her twin effectively constrained the movement of their arms and hands. In the end they were still standing tall and well tied, unable to break free of my bonds.

Again my female friends fidgeted their fine feminine forms in their fetters. Though not quite as restrictive as the earlier tie, it was more than enough to keep them held fast and looking hot. I walked around them as the wiggled and moaned, enjoying this new bondage position. This time, the two gals almost seemed to be lost in another dreamy world, like they were in a pre-orgasmic state. Sister seemed to lean against sister for support as their heads tilted back next to her twins, lost in a world of bondage bliss. Who would have guessed a few hundred feet of rope could produce such an affect on all three of us.

This time, I didnít wait as long to change the scene and put and end their togetherness for a while. I began to untie my beauties, bolstered by the fact that not a single rope had slipped and not a single knot was loosened. A testament to my bondage skills at keeping these lovely young ladies helplessly bound.

I untied all the ropes until only their hands and feet were tied and they were standing separately. I pulled their gags out and both girls were all smiles again. They told me how wonderful it was and how great of a job I had done on keeping them bound and helpless. And yes, I was on my way to earning that special bonus. Ah, such nice word to my ears.

I then explained to them how I was going to tie them next. They gave each other a wicked smile before they reprised their rolls of acting as captive damsels. They told me how nasty of a cad I was, kidnapping them, holding them in the basement Ďagainst their willsí and how evil I was for keeping them so tightly tied and gagged. They demanded I immediately release them or else I would face the consequences. They alternated at delivered the rants so well, they almost talked as if they were one.

Well, of course I played along, giving an evil laugh, giving the usual monolog on how I would keep them here as long as I liked, how escape was impossible for them, how nobody was coming to their rescue and they were going to be mine for a long as I wished, blah, blah, blah. I was enjoying being the scoundrel and having two hot, sexy twins as my damsels in distress was a blast. Too bad we didnít make it into a movie.

I tied their wrists together with along rope to serve as a leader, freed their feet and lead them across the basement. They made slight efforts to break free of my grasp, but nothing serious enough to really do it, all the while pleading with me to release them and how they would pay whatever ransom I demanded. Boy, my mind came up with some perverted payouts these to gals could deliver.

I lead them to the storage lockers on the far wall, well away from the glass block window. As I said before, these were not solid wall units. Framed with 2x4s, the two cages were about 12 feet long and 6 feet wide, sharing a common divider wall. The walls consisted of sturdy rectangular metal meshing, heavier than chicken wire but not as thick as a chain link fence would be, that was firmly attached to the studs with heavy duty hammered in fasteners. On the end of each unit was a door of similar construction with a tenet supplied padlock to secure the door. Far from being prison cells, they made for good storage places for the apartment residents to keep their seldom used items.

The girls had quite a few items in their locker in sealed up plastic bins and cardboard boxes. I learned that some of the stuff they kept was clothing for different seasons, while other stuff was treasures from days past. Mine, on the other hand, was less cluttered, having most of my stuff up in my upper flat. So, I opened the door to my unit and lead the girls in, along with a duffel bag of binging tools.

I untied the rope holding their wrists together, then tied Ivyís hands to the common side of the locker, to keep her out of the way and from interfering with my plans. Since we were playing out this fantasy scenario of a crazed dude binding up his lovely but not entirely willing neighbors, I best make sure I kept both of them from running off while I applied my most creative tethers to her twin.

One of my favorite bondage photo spreads is of a sultry brunette tied in various ways to a decorative block wall and bench, slowly loosing her garments till she was tied spread eagle against the wall, in nothing more than her garter belt, stockings and heels, all in black. The look on her face was of both surprise and smiles even while cleave gagged, yet said Iím yours, come play with me. I wanted to create my own version of that erotic layout, just doubling the models employed.

I removed all the ropes from Holly and had her stand against the wire frame on the outer side. I tied each wrist to the frame, well apart but not quite fully spread. I then used a rope to secure her waist to the wall. Then, with her feet spread more than shoulder width apart, I tied her ankles to the sturdy wire. I now had her suitably secure to the locker to prevent her escape, but planned to add more cosmetic and restricting ties later.

I repeated the process on Ivy, identically attaching her to the wire wall next to her sister, but far enough away that their fingers couldnít reach the otherís bindings. Now that I had the basics done, I finished their incarceration with more ropes on their arms, above their breasts and their legs, above the knees and at their thighs. Shivers of excitement went trough me as I added each rope to their seductive bodies.

Satisfied I had them better secured than a butterfly on a tack board, I needed to gag them. I rummage through the bags, finding the items I wanted to use. Both ladies struggled as best they could, which wasnít much but made a cool sounding rattling against the cages. They were fixed in place and with no hope of escape. I like that in a woman.

Because of their spread legs, their skirts slid up their thighs, but still more than covered their private parts. This didnít go unnoticed by my tied twins, as Ivy commented that heroines always seem to loose some clothing and get more exposed when theyíre tied helpless. Holly also commented that they could afford to loose a bit of modesty. This caught my attention, especially when they said they were a bit warm, even thought the basement was nice and cool. So I decided to loosen their collars, just to let a little heat off.

Problem was, all three of us were in heat. I open Hollyís top, first one, then another and finally a third button before pulling the material open. She said that was much better, even though her bra and cleavage were clearly visible. I silently cursed my placing a rope across her chest that held her top in place. But removing it would send a message to the girls I wanted more than they were currently offering, so I replicated my efforts on Ivy, exposing her similar white lace brazier. In the end, with their skirts hiking up and their tops falling open, they did look like sexy movie heroines. Lights, camera, action!

It was time to gag them. For this round, the idea was they were my captives, spirited away, tied and locked up to prevent their getaway. I decided I they needed total silence, or at lease as much as possible. I opted from my personal supply of bondage tools a couple of hankies and a roll of wide white tape. The hanky would keep their tongues in check and the tape would cut off the sounds from their mouths. And since I loved the look of a good clean tape gag, it was the excellent choice for the situation.

I pealed off a long piece of tape and held the wadded up hanky by Hollyís mouth. Holly playfully parted her lips reluctantly before I pushed the cloth into her mouth. She closed her mouth around the hanky and I sealed her lips with the sticky tape. Ivy gave me mock resistance more than her sister, but I triumphed by planting the bundle home and sealing her lips as well, smoothing the tape down with my hand.

Now that the twins were fully secured, my evil persona returned and I boasted of my victory over them, telling them they were mine forever, and how they would eventually come to submit to me, even if it meant I had to keep them tied and gagged for months. Both girls struggled and grunted, but they knew I had them well tied and helpless. They werenít going to get free until I wanted them free. And who really wanted that?

Just for fun, I slipped my hands into Ivyís and kissed her lips over the gag. At first she squealed in surprise, but giggled when I broke off, then gave me a round of fake complaining like any good actress would. Holly played it different, actually moaning when I kissed her tapes lips and giggled a moment later. Damn, how I wanted to more of them or at least the chance to fondle my helpless pair of hot twins.

After checking my ropes, I left the locker and closed the door, clicking the padlock in place. I told the girls I would back in one hour, and they best be more accommodating and agreeable to me when I returned. The girls shook their heads defiantly and struggled against the cords restraining their matching sexy bodies.

In truth, I never left the area but kept a firm and lusty vigil on my captives over the course of the hour they were tied to and locked in the cages. I walked around the locker, looking in on them, even rattling the cage just to stir them up. OK, I stared at them constantly, how could I not. They giggled and whimpered and groaned and moaned, lost in the fantasies of their private yet shared captivity. They were digging it, really enjoying all the cords that held them so tight. They were happy and content and even seemed aroused, just like me. But I was frustrated too, having them so close and looking so delicious, craving to fondle their helpless bodies to my hearts content or slip myself into their helpless bodies. But I knew I couldnít cross that line, even though it was starting to get a bit blurry of where that line was any more.

When the girls began to tire some from their struggles, I knew it was time to move on to a new setting. I entered the cage and carefully pealed the tape off from their faces. The good news was it didnít hurt those lovely lips and after the hankies were out, they said they liked how well they were gagged, being the first time they used tape for that purpose.

Now at this point, I still had my lovelies at my mercy, so to speak. I could have gone in for the cheap feel-up for their trussed-up bodies, but being a gentleman, I slowly untied them till they were free of the cage and able to move about. I bundled up all the ropes and returned them to the bag as I removed them. The girls didnít seem to mind that their tops were still open, for they didnít make a single move to button up again. A good sign if you ask me.

But I wanted a fresh change, both of venue and of attire. I asked the girls if the mind altering things up a bit, to which they replied this was my day and I was the boss. They also told me I was getting close to getting my surprise. Now how cool is all that!

We went back up to the girlís apartment and I asked them to change into outfit choice number 2. They grinned, saying they had expected me to make that choice and off they went. Moments later, my two twin beauties came into the living room, dressed in matching string bikinis, Ivy in a bright yellow and Holly in a hot pink. Both ladies had exchanged their black pumps for white strap sandals with 4Ē heels and ankles straps, which made them incredibly tall, lean and sexy. No Miss Universe ever looked better in her swimsuit.

So the crazed neighbor storyline continued. This time, the girls were planning on a relaxing afternoon of sunbathing in the backyard. But before they could get out of the house, their bondage obsessed neighbor had struck again. Catching them at the back door and seeing how sexy they looked, he quickly bound and gagged them to keep them held them prisioner inside their own apartment for his viewing pleasures, and out of sight so no one else could view. So was the new chapter of the story.

I decided that I wanted to start simple this time. So I began by tying their hands behind their backs. Sitting next to each other on the couch, I tied tightly their ankles together, again looping rope around their heels, before lashing their knees together. Lastly, I inserted the bright red balls into their mouths and tied the leather cords in place to serve as proper gags. Prior to their imposed silencing, the girls admitted their fondness for the gags and were quite happy I had taken the time to find and use them. Now I love the look of a large ball gag in womanís mouth but this was the first time I ever got to utilize one. It was worth the wait for they looked amazing with those shiny red balls sitting between their snow white teeth and surrounded by their full red lips.

That was it. Simple, effective, restrictive and tight bondage, showcasing the beauty of my confided, bikini clad twins. Yummy!

I let my hot gals struggle for a while. Iíd seen them in these bikinis before and knew how dazzling they looked in them. This was so much better. They twisted and turned their hard bodies, struggling against the ropes that bound her limbs. They playfully begged me to untie them, as two hostages would naturally ask of their capture. But the real begging was never spoken, with all that exposed skin was calling me to touch and fondle. But I resisted, even though my iron hard dick was screaming to be creaming.

While all this was fun, I knew that if I left the ladies go too long they would eventually combine their efforts and free the knots and ropes. That was not going to be an acceptable option. Remembering the day I helped carry in their furniture, I checked the bedrooms and found what I was looking for. When I returned, sure enough they were back to back and working to free their wrists. Good thing they didnít get far, but it would have been fun to really capture them and tie them like the fantasy they fictionalized.

I picked up Ivy and carried her to her sisterís bedroom. Moments later, I came to collect Holly, whisking her off to the same destination. You should have seen the look in her face when she first saw how I had prepared Ivy.

Hollyís bed was a kind of 4 poster. Made of a solid dark cherry wood, the posts only came up to about my chest. But that was more than tall enough to tie a female too. The rest of the head and footboards were constructed of strong wooden spindles, perfect for tying a gal too. I had to wonder if the girls had intended that use when they purchased it.

And there was Ivy, squirming away while bound to the far post on the footboard. I slipped Hollyís arms around the post at the foot of the bed as I set her down before I bound her body to the column at the chest, waist, thighs, knees and ankles. She could hardly move, but her struggles, along with Ivyís, did make the bed creek and squeak. Within a few moments, I had Holly bound identical to her sister, who had looked on fidgeting from the opposite post all the while I tied her twin.

Here I keep my ladies for quite some time. They struggled and wiggled as much as their ropes and the bedposts would allow. Lying on the bed, I blissfully watching my bondage models squirm. A large mirror on the matching dresser gave me a great view of the girls from the front, so I could see them from every angle. Let me tell you, they looked great in the bikinis, ropes and ball gags. I could see they were sexually excited by all this bondage, for their nipples were clearly poking through the thin material and they were getting a little wet between the legs. How I wanted to kneel behind and fondle those boulders as they struggled in my well applied restraints. Hot, hot, hot!

And with the mirror, they could see me too. After two day and lots of superb hours of tying, gagging and watching my twin ladies in their ropes thrash about, I couldnít stand it any longer and needed to do something about it. While we said no exchange of bodily fluids would occur, that didnít mean I couldnít harmlessly spew a little of my own. I had to take some of the pressure off my loins before I blew up. I pulled my straining cock from my shorts and began to slowly stroke it.

Immediately, the girls went frantic at the sight. I feared I had crossed a line, so I put my self away. Ivy gave the safety signal and I reacted without delay. I didnít know why she did it, for sheíd been tied like this for nearly 30 minutes without distress. All I could think was she was so applaud that I dared to masturbate in their presence, the games was coming to an abrupt halt and it was all over for good.

But to my shock and relief, I was told that I shouldnít waste a perfectly good cock on myself. I looked at Holly who was nodding her head at every word her sister spoke. I pulled her gag too so they both could explain.

They told me that it was obvious I was really turned on by all this bondage and such and they felt guilty about making me so without anyone dealing with the condition. Considering how excited it was making each of them my private bondage models, they knew that I must have blue balls from all the sperm backup I must be experiencing and understood how badly I would need to relive it at some point while I kept them tied all day long.

So the surprise bonus they had planned on giving me was a well earned reward of each one of them cheerfully giving me a blowjob sometime during our time together, with my choice of how I sprayed my seed, either on or in them. And now that I knew what the prize was, I could collect my reward any time I wished. The only catch was I had to keep them tied up while I received my compensation, just to keep in the spirit of the day and for some extra pizzazz.

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather. These two hot, steamy, delicious babes not only wanted and enjoy having me tie them up to my hearts content, they were offering to pay for the privilege by sucking me off not once but twice! And while tightly tied in my rope work to boot. I stuck gold and oil in one erotic strike. But then again, how selfish would I be if I only took and didnít give back?

I thanked my captive hosts and accepted their charitable offer, but asked my tied twin tantalizers that since I was going to receive such a immense bounty, it would only be fair if they would allow me the privilege of repaying the favor in kind back to them in the form of a few well meaning and well deserved orgasms as well. The girls looked at each other, made comments on if they could trust me, agreed they couldnít resist such a gracious offer, even if they could resist anything considering their current state. They granted me my request, acknowledging they too would welcome some orgasmic outlets for their suppressed sexual lusts. After all, they were turned on by all this bondage play as much as I was. The only condition was no intercourse, only oral or by other means. To this I wholehearted agreed.

Well, while I wanted to collect on this great gift without more ado, I also knew that if either one of these beauties sucked on me now, Iíd blow off my load in just a few seconds after oral contact. I was far too horny and need to give myself some relief now, so I could enjoy events later. If I was going to get a couple of blowjobs, which I desperately wanted, I fully intended to savor them.

I told them that I would be collecting on my reward in a little while, but I was presently going to stick to my original plan and relieve myself manually. The girls squirmed and said they were in no place to argue, saying it way my loss, but I knew what was best.

I leaned up against the dresser, pulled my cock from my shorts again and slowly stroked it. The girlís eyes became fixed on my pecker. I donít want to boast, but my rod is bigger than the average dudes, and these girls had made me even bigger than I ever though I could be. Man, I felt like I was hung like a race horse or porn star that day.

After a moment, Holly said it wasnít fair. When Ivy questioned her sister as to her comment, Holly went on to say that if I was exposing myself to them, shouldnít they do something similar. Ivy agreed, saying how hot and constrictive her top was and hoped their captor noticed their dilemma. Holly echoed her sisterís view on her wardrobe and hoped their captor would help relieve their predicament just this one time.

Well, while I liked whet they were saying, they were still saying more than captives of a sex crazed neighbor should. I inserted those ruby balls back into their seductive mouth to keep them from making more suggestions, even thought I loved what they had suggested. Then, staring with Holly, since it was her proposal, I untied the strings on her bikini and slowly removed her top.

Words could hardly describe what I thought at that moment. To say her mounds of womanly flesh were magnificent would be an understatement. Marvelous, wonderful, firm, impressive, perfect, gorgeous, perky, even breathtaking would only begin to express what I saw and thought that glorious moment. Then, even more words came to mind when I relieved Ivy of her breast covering, finding her the perfect glorious equal of her sister. Their small pink areolas and hard nipples, coupled with their full, firm all natural breasts would make any a silicone pumped porn star jealous. These gals were twins in every way, at least from what I could see at the moment. All that to say their tits looked great.

And they felt great too. I couldnít help myself, for I helped myself to fondling their racks. Their nipples were already hard and got even harder when I played with them and groped their knockers. Iíve felt up women before, even a couple large breasted ones. Ivy and Holly surpassed them all. I even sucked on their mound, and was rewarded with seductive moans that told me how they were getting great pleasures from all this.

Having satisfied that urge for the moment and eagerly intending to return to them later, I returned to spot against the dresser, stripped off my shirt, and resumed my stroking. I forgot I had my donk out the whole time I was gagging and exposing and groping my tantalizing tied twosome. Now it was begging for attention as much as their tit has been, dripping pre-cum like mad. The girls were surprised that I didnít instantly have one of them on her knees and sucking me dry. But I also noticed that my lashed up ladies had their eyeballs locked on my manhood as much as I had mine locked on their struggling nearly nude and trussed up bodies. I couldnít help but wonder if they would be fingering themselves the same as I was, if they had the chance.

As feared, my long needed orgasm was far too quick to present itself. I slowed my stroking, torturing myself by denying the intense pleasure of coming to prolong the experience. I was moaning far more than my captives were, who were giving me a symphony of erotic gagged sounds. In fact, I think the girls were watching and waiting to see how long I could hold myself back and wishing they could have me. They told me later they did just that.

Finally, knowing it was inevitable, there was nothing I could do would stop it and I needed it worse than I ever knew I could, I pumped my rod as fast as I could with my eyes fixed on my tied teases. I grunted and groaned as my orgasm ramped up to the breaking point and broke without warning. My load exploded from my aching cock, powerfully spewing tons of cum all over the hard wood floors. I just kept coming and coming, pumping sperm like a fire hose. My first shot damn near blew half way across the room. I couldnít believe how long it lasted, how hard I came and how good it felt.

Finally, after shooing a boat load of come on their floor, I was down to just dribbling and for the time being relieved. My bound beauties were still squirming, looking at my cock, which was at a relaxed attention. Even after such an orgasm, my cock was still stiff enough I could easily have slipped it into a wet pussy and give it good screwing. Having half nude tied twins at my disposal would keep me hard all day and surly help me set a new personal best in the orgasm count, a record I intended to break that day.

Boasting or not, my personal best was 4 good fucks in one night. I meet up with a chick rebounding from a breakup with her boyfriend. After screwing her 3 times in a row, this sex crazy chick sucked on and stroked me till I got hard enough to mount, riding my rod to three hot orgasms. I thought we were going to finish with me ramming her pussy from behind, but right before my orgasm, she turned around, popped my cock into her mouth and face fucked me to climax. She swallowed down every last drop of my load in thanks for a great round of sex. Sadly, we never hooked up for a repeat performance for she went back to the boyfriend.

With my cock now dried up and satisfied for the moment, I would be able to give the girls my full undivided attention. I put myself away and returned to attending to my bound beauties. To be honest, I could have been content to leave them tied like this all day and whack off over and over just watching them. But I sensed they could use a little relief from hours of pent up sexual tensions. So I determined they each needed a good coming themselves and decided to take advantage of the girlís bound situation, since I had a golden opportunity that many never come again in my life,

I walked up to Ivy and slowly caressed her body. She moaned deeply past her mouth filling rubber ball and wormed under my touch. I switched to Holly a moment later and got an equal reaction. I keep moving back and forth between them, touching and groping and sucking on them. Yeah, they were getting very hot from all my actions on them and I could tell needed to come as bad as I had moments earlier.

So it was time for a little switch to better facilitate this and asked the girls to play along. I untied my hot gals from the bedposts, hoping to get them tied up like that again some day. Free of their ropes and gags, I let them stretch for only a few seconds to work out the kinks that may have developed over the last few hours. I had two ties I wanted to perform on them on the bed, but I quickly switched the order or execution to best show my gratitude to my enthusiastic captives.

I tied each of them with their hands together in front of them, wrists crossed. Then, I had them lay on the bed next to one another with a small gap between them. I tied each of their wrists to the headboard. Next I bound their legs together at the ankles and knees, then tied their feet to the footboard so they were tenderly stretched stick straight, nice and tight. About all they could do now was flutter their fingers, wiggle their feet and roll a bit to their sides. Lastly, fresh hankies and strips of white tape sealed their mouths once more and gave me the freedom to toy with them as I wished.

My topless tied twins began to squirm. One of the best parts of bondage is just sitting back and watching all that useless struggling. Seeing a hard, sexy body twist and turn, ropes firmly holding her body exactly as I intended her to be is just the best thing I can think of to lustfully behold. Knowing she willingly submitted to me and is completely powerless to resist as I apply my manly trade on her, to make her climax or not climax at my whim, is a real head trip and a true gift of trust and willingness. And now, I had two incredibly attractive beauties under my dominion. No one would believe me if I bragged about it, yet here I was living it.

The girls were moaning constantly now, not out of despair, but deep in lust and desire, anticipating what I was going to do to them. I crawled on top of them and began to play with them, touching and licking and kissing and sucking on their bodies, alternating my attention from one to the other. They quickly went from gentle squirming and soft moans to intense struggles and long deep groans, the kind a woman does when she wants to come badly.

I was torn between letting them stew in their pre-climax state and giving them the orgasms they seemed to call for so desperately. The rotten scoundrel in me wanted to keep my craving captives in a state of agitated lust for a long, long time till they nearly went mad with desire. But being a man of compassion, how could I make my girls suffer so badly when I had the power to give them what they needed. This time, the good guy won out.

I pulled Hollyís bikini bottom down to her tied knees, revealing her relatively hairless crotch. She responded by moaning deeply and thrusting her hips up towards me. I petted her pussy, feeling how burning hot and soaking wet she was. She was ready for some serious tongue action all right. I switched to Ivy, finding her lacking in hair and in an equal state of robust arousal. She groaned when I slipped a finger between her lips and brushed against her clit.

But now I had a brand new dilemma. Which of my two captive cuties would I bring to orgasm first? I mean I didnít want to slight one over the other. They both wanted to climax so badly and there was no way at the present moment to do concurrent service on them both. I could have fingered them both and even tried to time it so they both came simultaneously. But past experience said a finger was no substitute for a tongue and I certainly didnít want my lashed ladies to be disappointed. Oh, how I wish I could have been in two places at once yet still have one mind to enjoy it all.

So, in the end I opted to try and get them both as close to an orgasm as possible, move in for the kill on one, then quickly switch to the other before she had time to loose her edge. Considering the agitated state my bound babes were in, I didnít think it would take long to make either reach nirvana.

Using my mouth, fingers and tongue, and keeping my fully restored rod in my shorts, I played with nipples and clits till both girls were almost ready to release. Actually, it didnít take much time or agitation on my part to get them there. Feeling she was not quite as close to climax as her sexy sister, I attacked Ivyís clit with my tongue while fingering her erect nipples. She went faster than I though and within a moment, she was blaring into her tape gag and thrashing against the ropes as an orgasm exploded over her fettered female form. It went on and on, rocking her entire body.

When it was apparent my services were no longer needed, I switched to Holly and ravished her clit and breasts in the exact same manner. Holly had hardly calmed down and soon was at the very edge of dropping into blissful pleasures. She came just as hard and long as her twin, she too yelling into her sticky mouth covering as her body rocked and rolled as far as the ropes would allow her. Her orgasm lasted as long if not longer than Ivyís. At last she subsided enough that I could stop my efforts, content that I had preformed as adequate service for my damsels in now less horny distress.

Both girls lay contently on the bed, still tingling from their massive orgasms as I moved off the bed. Their soft whimpers confirming that they were happy and satisfied. I was darn proud of myself, making two hot honeys so horny then coming within moments of each other. Not a bad dayís work, yet the day was far from over. How do I improve on such perfection and still collect on my promised rewards. Could I do anything like this again and give my gals equal if not surpassing pleasures?

Well, I was going to have fun trying. The clock slowed we were only half done and my personal pleasure tool was starting to throb all over again. Thereís something very naughty and erotic at seeing a bound womanís panties, her last line of protection, pulled down to her tied knees or at her bound ankles that makes me hard. All I wanted to do was to plunge my pecker into one of those fine pussies and pump like mad. But two things kept me from doing that. First, we said sex with my bound waitresses was not on the menu. The girls would have to explicitly tell me they would find it acceptable before I would even consider it, and they had said no intercourse earlier. And second, while their orgasms had been powerful ones, I wanted to see them come once more before I changed their bondage around.

As I pondered and gazed over my naughty neighbors, slowly resuming a more seductive struggling again, a fresh idea hit upon me. I could indeed make my ladies climax together if I had a little help. But being the jealous type and wanting the sisters exclusively to myself, this help would come in the form of a mechanized assistant.

I crawled over the sisters, lightly caressing their bound bodies. They responded right away, confirming to me that the girls were more than ready for another attempt. Their breasts swelled again, their nipples hardened, their pussies warmed and their bodies resumed a sexy squirming. Nice to see I still have that affect on women. I fondled and toyed with them for a few moments, just to get them agitated again and more cooperative.

Then I asked them the question that I already had the answer for. Where did the keep their vibrators? They looked at each other, then back to me, shrugging as best as their bound bodies could and silently answering me that had no vibrators and would never use such things. I asked again, adding in what would I find if I looked in the nightstand? Again, they looked at each other and then giggled behind their gags. Holly nudged her head toward the nightstand, letting me know where she kept it.

Sure enough, there it sat, a white plastic vibrator with a silver cap. I even found a stash of fresh batteries, just in case the power faded when least desired. I turned it on and found that it had plenty of vibe let. I asked Ivy if she kept hers in the same place. She nodded yes and a moment later I returned with a similar unit from Ivyís bedroom. Amazing how much alike these two girls were.

Armed with the two counterfeit cocks in addition to my arsenal of hands, mouth and tongue, I soon got my gals fully turned on and close to climaxing again. I also applied my hands, tongue and mouth to their erotic hot spots, switching the stimulations and sensations to the different part of their stupendous bodies. With their legs tied shut, I couldnít slip the plastic penisís into their love shacks, but found it more affective to slide the toys against their clits. They wormed and squirmed, moaning continuously while bucking up against the toys. I was continuously adjusting the speed and pressure against them, bringing them up close to climax in parallel, with the relentless hope to make them come at the same time.

And they did. With Holly nearly ready to burst, I turned Ivyís vibrator up full to push her closer to climax. When I though I had them as the same ready to erupt point, I turned Hollyís up to maximum and pressed the stimulators hard against their bucking bodies. Ivyís orgasm started only a second or two behind her sister. Both girls screamed and creamed again, their bound bodies thrashing in the cords and rumbling with fresh pleasures the matching orgasm brought to them. Because the buildup was shorter, the coming didnít last as long and was a bit less intense than their prior, but to my eye, these girls were fully enjoying and appreciating this round of orgasms nearly as much as the last.

With the climaxing complete, I pulled the vibrators from their bodies and let them rest for a while, even freeing their lips from their sticky imprisonment. I again though about jacking myself off, this time letting my goo shoot over their bound bodies, but after servicing my gals so well, the time had come that one of them should do the same for me.

Since the ladies were for the most part naked, I joined the twins and stripped to my birthday suit. I straddled Ivyís face and slipped my raging hard-on into her willing mouth. She sucked hard on me as I slowly slid between her lips. After a few moments of this fine pleasure, I moved on to Holly so she could get a taste of me as well, letting her tongue slither and flick over my tool. Not surprising, she was identical in cock sucking talent to her twin. Both girls requested I return to them, so I spent the next few moments moving back and forth between their hot little mouths, sampling their offerings and enjoying what they lips and tongues could do to me.

Both girls did as best of a job sucking on me as their bondage induced position would allow. And while it felt really good to have my manhood slipping into a warm and wet mouth, I realized that I was still doing all the work here. They offered to give me blowjobs, not just lay there and let me screw their faces. While having done ti before and finding itís not a bad way of getting some head, it hard to get into a comfortable enough position to fully enjoy it without having to worry about going to deep or making one of them gag, especially when I lost control and shot off my wad.

So I hit on a happy idea. I turned around and moved over Holly into a 69 position. With my cock impaled in her mouth, I attacked her clit with my tongue, slipping my hands under her bound body to play with her ass. This gave me complete control over how much motion would be applied to my pecker while giving bound up Holly more oral action as well. Holly gave it her all while I gave it to her again. It felt great but devoid of the action to bring me off, which was my plan at the moment. Besides it sounded hearing her muted moans and groans knowing my rod was planted between her jaws as a adequate gag. It only took a couple moments for her to quickly build up again and exploded into another other fine satisfying orgasm, sucking hard on my prick and moaning deeply as her body rocked with the new climax.

I withdrew from Holly and did the same to Ivy. After seeing what I did to her sister and getting turned on by it, it didnít take long for Ivy to build to her own climax as she sucked on my squirming manhood. I resisted the urge to pump my cock into the girlsí mouth, again using it as a gag but still enjoying the warmth and pleasures of her imposed oral sex. And I loved how she screamed around my rod as too she came once more as I squeezed her butt cheeks, her body quivering as another orgasm rolled over her.

So after giving the girls some additional unscripted pleasures and selfishly wanting some for me, another adjustment was in order. It was time for a chick to do the work of suck me off.

When I withdrew from Ivy and raised off the bed, the girls asked if they had done something wrong, since I hadnít unloaded into one of their mouths. No, not at all, I replied, but I wanted to make a change. I untied the girls from the bed. Since their bikini bottoms were already rendered obsolete, they took them completely off, leaving these gorgeous babes in noting more than their sexy high heels. That alone would fulfill most menís fantasies. But Iím far more creative and had plenty more games to play out on these flaming hot girls.

I then tied each of their hands behind their backs, wrists crossed. Next, I had Holly kneel on the floor with her ankles crossed. I tied her ankles together, which would speed up the next planned tie some as well. Ivy received her well used ball gag again, preventing her from interrupting what I had planned for them. We all knew what Hollyís roll was going to be in this, but Ivyís roll was a surprise to them.

I stood my naked body before Holly, my manhood at full attention and poised to enter her grinning mouth once more. Holly parted her lips and I slid my snake in. Then I instructed Ivy to stand behind me and press her body against mine while Holly serviced my tool. The end result was a hot and tasty sandwich, with me serving as the meat.

I was in paradise. Hollyís hot mouth did a fantastic job on my rod, pumping up and down the entire shaft over and over while her tongue did some amazing tricks on me. No teasing here, just a heartfelt aspiration to give me a great head and suck me dry. Ivy wormed her body all over mine, pressing hard against me, moaning past her gag into my ear, rubbing her wet pussy over my hips and ass and her ample tits on my back. It was divine.

Despite having a break when I repositioned my ladies, all too soon my next load of semen began to boil in my balls. Ivy was busy grinding her crotch into me, making my hips thrust forward as Holly pump and suck me perfectly. With one hand on Hollyís head and the other reaching around to grab Ivyís ass, and trying to hold back as long as possible, I moaned several time deeply, grunted hard once and exploded fresh wads of hot come into Hollyís sucking mouth. She took me in down to the base and let the sperm shoot down her throat, and pumped and sucked the rest of it out of me till my dick could give no more. Even after I was done spewing and growing softer, she held my cock in her mouth, draining out the last and almost daring me to get hard once more and do it again. By far, it was the best BJ I ever had in my life.

With my ball busting needs relieved, it was time to get my ladies properly secured. After reluctantly withdrawing my rod from Hollyís mouth, I commanded Ivy to lie on the bed face down while I fitted a ballgag into Hollyís mouth once more. Funny how she let out a long, passionate moan when I inserted the gag and tied it in place. Then I carried her to the bed and deposited her next to her sister. With how I tied her ankles crossed, it forced her to keep her knees spread. I tied her ankles to her wrists, placing her in a great spread leg hogtie arrangement. Moments later, Ivy joined her in a perfect replica of the same position.

While most purists hogtie their ladies with the legs together, I much more prefer this adaptation. Both do have advantages. With the legs closed, you can make it a lot more restrictive and tie it tighter, plus let your partner roll around more, even onto her back if you or she likes. Problem is, itís hard to access the lower sex areas while remaining confortable enough to enjoy it. With the legs open, the victim canít move around much or roll over, at least not with any real ease. And you can get you hands into her privates from behind.

Having my ladies secured, they happily tested their new bonds and found it comfortable and to their likings. The moaned happily around the gags and squirmed as much as they could as I let them enjoy their identical ties for a while. Watching them flail around, naked in their heels, was a real site to behold. They lifted their chest off the bed, putting their sumptuous tits on display. They ground their hips into the bed. They moan and groaned, giving me playful yet erotic looks, inviting me back over to them. Even with coming twice already, my cock soon grew board stiff watching them. Amazing what a couple of well formed bodies in inescapable bondage can do for a fellow.

So I did join them on the bed, taking advantage of the vulnerable positions they were in. I slid my hands under their female fettered frames, squeezed their tits and fondled their crotches. My hands slid between their legs to grope their pussies and finger their clits. When I slipped a few fingers inside each of them, I made them moan deeply as the clamped down on my hands. They we so hot and wet again, I knew they were thoroughly enjoying their confining hogties and manly handling. The moans they made while I played with them and how they reacted when I groped them told me how they were enjoying what I was doing to them. It was hard to keep up with them they were squirming around so much.

After a very satisfying round of manhandling I decide they could use some alternative modes of attention. When I showed them their vibrators and explained what I wanted to do, they nodded their pretty little heads with lively enthusiasm. I carefully slid the toys into their love tunnels and activated them on. The girls moaned deep as I watched their derriŤres squeeze down on the fake cocks that were tickling their insides. They went wild, thrashing on the bed as far as the ropes and hogties would allow. I kept the toys turned low, so the slow buildup would be both maddening and exciting. I only wished I was me in there rather than those buzzing dildos.

The girls got really charged up with sexual energy. Between the energetic vibrators working their interiors and my hands covering their exteriors, my adorable tied darlings were steadily building up to a new round of wanted orgasms. They struggled with great of efforts, moaning and squealing into their gags. They humped on the fake cocks as I slowly turned the battery powered intruders up, adding more and more pleasurable torments to their inescapable plight. They ground their bodies into the bed or my hands, trying to add to the delights being heaped upon the captive cuties.

Having seen and heard both girls climax three times now, I had a pretty good idea of when they were getting close to coming. And I reasoned that since they were identical twins, identically dressed, identically tied and being identically stimulated, shouldnít they have climax identically. So I carefully worked my trapped twosome over, tuning the toys and touching them where they needed it most, till I had them both on the brink of climax.

Then I turned the vibrators up full and sat back to watch the action. So intent on coming, they hardly knew I and my engorged cock was there. They grunted harder and faster, almost in unison, and thrash about in their bonds until they were both at the very brink.

And then it happened. They both let out long, intense grunts as the first wave of their alike orgasms exploded over their trussed-up bodies. I saw their ass cheeks tighten as their pussies squeezed down on the vibrators and their hips grind into the sheets, squealing behind their mouth filling gags as surge after surge of orgasmic energy ripped through their fine fettered female forms. It was an incredible show to watch that went on longer than I thought possible. I couldnít help but wonder how much pent up sexually energy did these girls have stored up. I guess had been with a man in bed for a long while.

At last, the orgasms subsided and all that was left was the sounds of post-climax panting and battery powered humming. I stopped the latter and pulled the matching gags to simplify the prior. The girls were spent, at least for the hour and needed a little time to recover for all the pleasures that had been inflicted on them by me. But they were quite content to remain in their current hogtied state as they did.

The current dilemma was after watching all this, me and my fully renewed dick was ready for some more attention. I was as hard as ever and after participating and watching all the climaxing I needed to release some of my own pent up energies. Guess it was quite obvious that I was aroused. Ivy looked over at me, smiled suggestively and asked if I needed a little help with that thing. Yeah, I did and since it was her turn anyways and since she was politely offering, I decided to take her up on her gracious suggestion.

Ivy was already close to the edge of the bed, so all I needed to do was slide right up and slip right in. Having been involuntarily stroking my erect penis while watching my gals struggle and climax, I was more than primed for action. Her sensual mouth was just as warm and inviting as Hollyís before, who looked on as her sister capably serviced my tool. I played with her hair as I slowly slid my tool back and forth between her obliging lips. Both girls were modestly squirming again, evidence that they were still enjoying captivity as I enjoyed Ivy.

I looked down at my subdued sisters, their hot bodies still tied and ball gags dangling around their necks. Wow, what a site. I could get into this again and again, even if it didnít lead to regular sex. Just having the twins, naked in their heels, sucking me off a couple times would be plenty satisfying to do month after month. Of course, I didnít mind making them come at my will either. I fact, I found it rather empowering and cool. I was thoroughly enjoying the control I had over my bound babes and making them climax at will was awesome.

After a few minutes of easy oral delight, I found myself moving from happy enjoyment to raging lust. I began thrusting my hips, plunging my cock further and quicker into her willing mouth. Ivy moaned intensely around my rod, adding extra vibrations to her efforts and sucked on my rod to add extra stimulation. I wondered if it were possible for all three of us to come at the same time. But then again I didnít care right then, for I just wanted to come.

And I did, for after all Iíd seen and done to the ladies and despite having come twice already, my own orgasm was quite close to blowing. I was so horny, and my roped up gals looked so freaking hot, I couldnít hold the building flood back for long. Outside of wanting it last longer, I decided why should I wait and deprive myself of what I really wanted. I grunted harder and faster and Ivy sucked me real good. I plunged in deep, groaned loudly and shot the first blast of come into her mouth. Without hesitation or reservation, she swallowed me down and drank everything I unloaded into her. Man, it was a great climax that ended far too quickly but felt oh so freaking good. But sweet Ivy, even after I had finished discharging, very submissively cleaned me up and held me in place till I took myself away.

Finally, soft and limp but thoroughly wet and satisfied, I pulled myself from her puffy lips. But hey, after one handjob and two blowjobs in less than two hours, you would be limp too. For those of you counting, the girls had come 4 times each and me 3, making an afternoon total of 11, with the day still not done. How many X-rated flicks have that kind of come count, and all of ours were the real thing, no fakes here. Talk about your erotic thriller.

I sat on the bed with my knotted neighbors to recover from our latest round of sexual pleasuring. Oddly enough, the girls werenít clamoring to be untied one bit. They just blissfully fidgeted in their matching hogties and I was happy to leave them there.

As last, we decided we were all hungry. We opted to order pizza for delivery and I made the call, looking at my naked hogtied twins while placing the order. I so wanted to brag to the guy on the phone, just to tell someone what was going on here. After I hung up I untied my girls and we got dressed back into our shorts and t-shirts. The driver would be around in 45 minutes, so we had time to compose ourselves and discuss the events of the day for far.

The girls were very excited and pleased with the results of our play. They declared that my skills and imagination far exceeded they own and their expectations. They were impressed with the variety of locations I selected, the various positions I tied them in and the wide range of skills and styles of binding I employed, not to mention how inescapable I made them. They were quite happy that, on review of their bodies, while there were a few impressions on their limbs, no rope burns or serious marks left behind. And they divulge that, sexually speaking, I had been not only respectful of them and didnít just take advantage of them as I could have, but were pleased by how attentive I was to their needs and the awesome skill I demonstrated at pleasing a woman. Never before had the had sexual experience like this one, and never anything close to it while bound and gagged, either with a man or each other.

In turn I told them that they had been more than accommodating to me all afternoon and thanked them for being so cooperative and willing in letting me having carte blanche with them. As we ate our supper, we all discussed what we like and didnít like. Actually, there was nothing we didnít like. They then asked what I like best. It was difficult choice, but visually tied to the bedposts was my favorite binding so far. Physically, having them service me was the best, of course. The giggled and said they expected that.

During our break, I couldnít help but think about how sexy the twins would look tied to their chairs. I mentally dressed and undressed them, applied different binding, clothing options, rope work and gags. The girls saw my far away look and asked me for my thoughts. When I told them by devious thoughts, the went into a series of mock bondage positions, even struggling and grunting like they were tied and gagged to their chairs and under sexual assailment, just to tease the snot out of me. Ok, it tormented me, but in a nice way.

With dinner consumed and cleared, I shamefacedly asked if we were done for the day. They were quite surprised by my question. They asked if I had had enough, to which I replied that while I was up for more, it was up to them how long we continued. I mean, weíd done more than we bargained for and they had been tied up for quite a while already, so if they wanted to call it quits, I would be disappointed but still appreciative of all theyíd done for me.

The twins seemed to be amused by this. Then went on to explain that I was the kind of guy they could trust and they dreamed for just something like this to happen now for months. They were far form displeased with my efforts and they were ready for a lot more action, both tonight and in the months to come. And they told me that by their reckoning, we still plenty of time to do more before the day was considered over.

Well, that settled plenty of questions in my mind and I never looked back. From here on out, these two sisters were going to be my bondage models and playmates. Sure we still had ground rules in place and there were going to be understandings and limitations. But this was not going to be a one time shot and I was going to be the one calling most of the shots too.

I felt like a king, and the twins were my royal and loyal subjects. As long as I didnít abuse my lordship, my subjects were mine to direct and use. Itís good to be king.

So after confirming our ground rules and limits once more, I order, um, requested the girls to change into new outfits. The twins went to freshen up and change. About 15 minutes later they returned to me, dressed as promised. It was like they mixed up their outfits but darned if it didnít work. Ivy wore a matching set of black bra and thong panty, white garter belt and seemed stockings, black satin full length gloves and black high heeled pumps. Holly was in a white bra and thong, black garter and stockings, white satin gloves and matching pumps in white. It was cool color combination and the girls looked hotter than ever.

They asked my approval, which I like it, but I requested a small change. The girls agreed and removed their breast coverings, exposing their big beautiful boobs to my bulging eyes once more. Already their nipples were filling with excitement and I was rising right along with them.

So we got down to business. I tied the girlís hands behind their backs, palms together. Next I roped their arms at the elbows just to make their nice firm tits stand out even more. The satin gloves on their hands and arms would let me tie the ropes extra snug while preventing any new rope marks while making it much harder to untie knots. Those nasty teasing girls even fondled my cock through my shorts as I tied their arms, just to give me an extra little incentive. Just for fun, I pulled my prick free and received a little bound stroking from their satin covered hands. I donít know if they were doing it to tease, encourage or distract me, but I didnít care. It felt fine.

I then had the girls sit in the kitchen chairs that I set side by side the middle of the kitchen, with their arms behind the chair backs. I roped them to the seat of the chairs, then spread their shapely legs and tied their ankles and lower legs to the outside of the chair legs. In no way could they close their legs now. What a pity for them, but how perfect for me. Though in the end, I donít think they minded too much.

Next, I took a two more ropes, one for each girl, attached it to their wrist bindings and anchored the free end of the cord to the back rung of the chair legs. This caused the girls to arch their backs slightly, further exposing their sexy bodies to me and my wandering hands. Lastly, I stuffed hankies into their mouths and tied bandanas between their teeth, which rendered them impressively helpless, reasonably silent and totally open to me. I fondled their breasts just to drive that point home.

With my ropes complete, I gave the girls the next chapter of the crazed neighbor story. This time I imposed myself on the girls as they were getting ready for their romantic dates to the opera, having the perfect timing to find them in their clad in only their sexy underwear. Being the possessive type, I tied them in their apartment so they wouldnít be able to leave to attend the show and a note on the door for their dates to get lost. Since they had defied me and were had arranged to see other men, I needed to teach them a lesson on respecting their neighborís wishes. Since their plans that night were to have fun going out for the evening to hear some impressive singing, I decided to make than plan cone true while confined to the confines of their own apartment, only Iíd make them sing to a little performance I called Phantom of the Orgasm.

Yeah, it was silly, but hey, why not have some fun with it. Besides, I wanted my girls to know I was more than just a lover of bondage and good with ropes. I could also create some fantasy scenarios too. If they wanted to be actresses some day, they had to learn how to get into their rolls. And right now, they were playing their parts perfectly.

All the while I told my story my girls were squirming in their seats and clicking their heels on the floor. To the casual observer, one might think they were trying to escape from me. But we three knew better than they loved their confining bondage and loved to squirm and wiggle in it. No matter how well they were tied and how much they wanted to stay that way, the always feel the need to try and escape me a little, just to prove how helpless they were.

The girls wormed and squirmed in their seats, struggling against the ropes that lashed them down tightly to the chairs. The wooden chairs creaked against the strain, which sounded fantastic. Adding in their grunts and groans were even better. But the site of my two tied twins, dressed so sexy and looking so fine in their cords and struggles was so freaking good. Their big boobs bounced and jiggled as they uselessly tied to break free of my bindings.

Their bodies called to me and I responded. My hands roamed over their trussed figures. I started at their legs, running my hands over their silky stockings and up to their smooth exposed thighs. I skipped their crotches and moved to their upper bodies, avoiding their knockers. Finally, my hands took hold of Hollyís tits and give them a good firm molesting. She moaned deeply and squirmed harder, especially when I toyed with her sensitive nipples, pulling on them as she squealed in frustrated delight. I got an even more intense reaction when gave Ivyís boobs a similar groping.

My hand slipped between their legs and found they had gotten their skimpy panties very wet. I petted their pussies through the material which made them squirm even harder. They were getting wild with unrelenting passion, and they couldnít do a thing to relieve it, which made them even wilder. Yeah, I had them singing alright. Forget the classics. This was my kind of song.

When I went under their thongs, I felt how on fire they were. Inhibitions were gone. These girls loved their bondage and all my fondling and wanted more. I gave their crotches a good finger job and sucked on hard nipples, making their climaxes build up. But I stopped before they could come, which fully aggravated the girls. Their eyes and bodies pleaded with me to make them orgasm. For sure I would, just not yet. They needed time to stew in their own hot juices and I wanted more time to enjoy them, both looking and pestering. Besides, my loathsome plans didnít call for my hands to get them off. And I had an extra special surprise for them.

Little did the girls know, but I had rummage through their bag of bondage supplies while they were changing into their pretty lingerie. I had a feeling there was something in there extra special and I found it. Two very nice sets of silver pinching nipple clamps with attached chains. I knew the twins werenít into the heavy S&M stuff, bit I still had a feeling that a scorned sister didnít mind giving her boyfriend stealing sibling a little pleasant torment once she had her tied down for an afternoon of binding distractions. Even the best of sisters can get upset at one another once in a while. Finding two sets meant they both had the same ideas and since they said anything in the duffel bag was fair game to utilize, I believed I had a license to employ them. Besides, if they didnít intend for me to find and make use of them, why did they leave them in the bag?

The girls squealed when I showed them the clamps, waving them under their noses and across their boobs. The safe word was still in affect and they still had veto power over anything I did. Neither made it apparent they didnít want them applied. So since neither made an objection but in fact even seemed to jiggle their boobs extra hard to invite their applications, so I took it I had a green light to proceed.

I slowly approached from behind with the tit tormenters. Ideally I would have loved to cross connect their melons, so they could share the sensation while tugging on each other. But given the position they were tied in and the lengths of the chains that would have to wait for another time. Estimating that Ivyís nipples were currently the more erect, I elected her the first target. She moaned deeply when I clamped her left tit. I asked her to tell me when I had the proper tension set, which she nodded at me when it felt the best. I applied the clamps twin to her right, got another satisfying moan in reply and let the chain dangle on her chest. I moved on to her twins breasts and got the same moans and dreamy looks from Holly when I set the silver pinchers in place.

Their struggling took on a different tone. They groaned more and wormed their bodies rather than fight the ropes holding them in place. Apparently they liked their clamps and were utterly enjoying them pinching their nipples and tugging at their breasts. I resumed my melon fondling, even tugging on the chains some, which gave my helpless ladies even more joy.

Finally, I decided to up the stakes. I slowly slid their vibrators into their panties and position them over their excited clits. I turned the battery powered tormenters on, getting a new set of deep, sexy groans. I sat back and watched the lashed up ladies enjoy their erotic plight

I kept them in a state of constant arousal for another 20 awesome minutes. It was incredible for all of us. The girls twisted and squirmed, suffering delightfully to their boob and clit tormenters. They moaned and groaned, stamped their heels in frustration and closed their eyes as they happily for forcibly suffered to their enjoyable distress. I was far from a casual observer, for I played with their breasts and adjusted the vibrators to give them plenty of stimulations while leisurely building them both to another climax. Of course I could have given them a climax to relieve them of their happy suffering, but whatís the fun in that.

So I keep them singing till I relented and concluded they had endured enough of the slow torments. I turned the fake cocks up to nearly full speed, which made the girls fight hard in their fetters. My goal was to make the come as the same time again, which would be cool to watch. I had to turn down Ivyís and leave her at the edge for a moment so Holly could catch up. When I though she was close enough, I fully engaged both vibrators and sat back.

It was amazing, both listening to them groan past their gags and watching their lingerie clad bound bodies thrash about. They were biting down hard on their bandanas, their white teeth exposed and grunting and their bodies thrashing against the cords. Then, they stiffened and quivered as the orgasm buildup reached their peaks. They both held themselves back for a moment, trying hard to both enjoy the pleasures and wanting it to climax.

They screamed as they both exploded, coming violently as their simultaneous orgasms ripped though their restrained bodies. Waves of erotic ecstasy slammed into them over and over, making their body rattle in their bonds. They threw their heads around wildly as the erotic ecstasy rocked their bodies from head to toes. It was a mind-boggling incident, both for them to have and me to watch.

At last, the orgasms slowly faded and I withdrew the toys as they whimpered in post-climax bliss. The girls groaned only a little when I pulled the clamps from their nipples, rubbing gently to help recover from the pinching. But neither girl made a motion or sign to be untied. They wanted to let the last ripples of their bondage climaxes reverberate.

Finally, they came returned to their senses as I reluctantly freed them from their chair bound captivity, starting with their gags. I was told how inconceivable of an experience it was and how they never felt an orgasm like that while tied. When I them down to only their arms and wrists tied, the girls requested I stop and asked if I had any other bright ideas, wanting to be tied for a little while longer.

Of course I had. I took them to a bedroom, stripped them of their panties and made them kneel on the mattress facing one another. I bound their ankles keeping their legs together. Next, I bound their ankles to their wrists, putting them in a kneeling hogtie. Taking a long rope, I bound wound it around their bodies at the waist, pinning them together. I then gagged them with their red ball gags once more.

I knelt on the bed with my beauties as they squirmed in their bonds, letting my hands run over the figures. Their breasts mashed against each others as they wormed in their ties, moaning constantly through their kinky gags. What an amazing sight they made and how good did their sexy bodies feel against mine. I stripped off my cloths once more and slid my cock into their bound hands, starting with Holly, slowing fucking while I played with their bodies. I switched to Ivy, who squeezed my rod and stroked it for me. I kept switching between them, even sliding my cock between them as I groped both of their asses.

I then laid on the bed and watch them squirm as I slow masturbated below them. This time it was Holly who gave me the safety signal. I pulled the gag from her full lips and she asked why I hadnít learned my lesson on wasting orgasms. Ivy nodded as Holly said it was their turn to give me one more orgasm.

The girls asked that I untie their legs and the rope holding them together. Ivyís gag was removed and they whispered quietly to one another, formulating some kind of plan then asked to have their legs untied. Doing so, I helped them to their feet and the girls stood next to the bed on either side, their arms and wrists still tied. What a site they made as looked back and forth between them.

I was told to lie on the bed, which I did. Both girls grinned as the crawled onto the bed, one on each side of me. For the next half hour, the girls kissed and licked and ground their bodies against me. At different points, both crawled on top of me and slid their clits over my cock, but never tried to drive me in for a screwing. Some things were going to have to wait. Of course my hands were all over my bound bookends, as was my tongue and mouth. I sucked on nipples and fondled their partly tied bodies. I rolled Ivy to her back and licked her clit to another climax while I fingered Hollyís clit as she knelt next to her sister. Later, the rolls revered and Holly came again while Ivy knelt behind me and humped my ass.

At last, the girls ordered me to lie down again and they moved their mouths to my cock. They licked and took turns sucked on me, slowly building me to orgasm, then teasing me by not letting me come. I figured a lot of good teases deserved another, so I let them service my tool without interruption, as hard as that was. It was mind blowing having the twins both work me over at once and not blast a load all over them.

Finally, they took pity on me as they turns licking my shaft and pumping my rod deep into their hungry mouth until I couldnít hold back any longer. I grunted a long series before I burst forth while Holly had me in her mouth while Ivy was licking at the base. She sucked some of my load down, then let Ivy finish drinking me up as she kissed and licked around the base. All this made it a long, hard and mind blowing orgasm and while I didnít have much left to pump out, it sure lasted a long sweet time. They even licked up what they had missed while as my cock finally went soft.

When I was done at last done, both from the climax and the night, I untied my bondage models and they lay their heads on my chest and we enjoyed the last few moments of our evening together. We all agreed it was an amazing day. I was both amazed and depressed, for it was the stuff ledges and erotic porn movies are made of, but now it was over. As we silently rested together, I wished it would never end and wondered if it would happen again.

Ivy opened the discussion when she asked where we go from here. I said that was up to them. After we discussed it, the girls concluded that since they found a kinky guy they could completely believe in, that was close at hand and was both creative and skillful at bondage, we all needed to do this again and do it often. I said that I was willing to serve as their roper, but it would be up to them to decide when and how often we did this, especially when they were dating other men. I knew that this fantasy would not last forever and soon they would move on, but I was willing to enjoy the ride for a long as it went.

We decided that now was not the time to make those kinds of plans. I offered to take the girls to dinner the next night they were free and we could develop this further. They agreed it was a wise idea and our night ended. I dressed and packed up my bondage supplies. The girls didnít even bother to dress and each gave me a long, slow deep kiss and even stroked my cock before I returned to my lonely bachelor pad. Maybe this place was going to start swinging after all.

For those of you still counting, the girls had climaxed 6 times each during the day and me 4, making a grand total of 16 orgasms combined. What a record and what a day. My only regret was I made no visual record of it. Without it, who would ever believe me? I went to sleep, exhausted and drained but more sexually satisfied than a virgin on prom night. Amazingly, my rod grew firm again as I lay in bed thinking over the day. Though I guessed it was a shadow of what I had done. I think my nuts were completely devoid of sperm.

I didnít see much of the girls for a few days, which is typical of our work week schedules. But on Thursday, I had a note taped to my door to come down at 7 to discuss plans for the upcoming weekend. We talked about it then, planning to start around 10 on Saturday morning and weíd play till they needed to go to work. I would again have creative license on what I wanted to do with them. They did request that no pictures be made ever. With their model and acting careers beginning to take off, they didnít want to worry if something could pop up years from now that would ruin the careers they had worked so hard for. Given what seemed to be weekly occurrences with beauty pageant contestants and major actresses appearing in the news, I understood their concern and respected it. This was for our eyes and bodies only.

They then asked me to give them a little rope time. Seems that they had been craving it since Sunday but were afraid to ask me to seem like tramps. I said I would happily tie them any time they liked, even if the just wanted an hour in ropes and nothing more.

With a nodded to each other, the girls stripped down to their skimpy panties and smiled as turned their backs to me, crossing their wrists behind. In a few moments, the girls were tightly hogtied, Ivy on the couch and Holly on the table, gagged with their ball gags, happily squirming in their fetters. After letting them squirm for a while, I played with their helpless bodies and got them all worked up before I applied a vibrator to each of them, this time one at a time till she was violently rocking to a climax while her sister busily sucked my tool till I shot my sperm onto her tied body. They both came twice and I did too before releasing them after two full hours of hogties and climaxes. Nothing fancy, but I still loved it, as did they.

Well, Iíve gone on too much for this narrative. What happened that coming weekend, and the months after, will make for other great tales, which I may write down another time. Of course the girls have stage names so their real identities are protected.

You may be asking why I writing all this. Well, thatís simple. With their careers taking off, the twins moved on from me less than two years later. I too moved after, finally meeting a beautiful woman both inside and out and married her. Before you wonder too much, yes, she does share my passions for bondage, sexy clothing and high heels and I tie her up a lot. She spends many a pleasant evening and long erotic weekend in the coils of my cords, and we share mutual sexual pleasures and satisfactions then whole time. She loves having me bind and gag until sheís totally helpless and vulnerable, while dressed up for me in some hot lingerie or outrageous fetish clothing, or naked in her highest heels. And she loves being under my controlling hands, expertly teased and brought to orgasmic delight time and time again while I get my male needs serviced generously.

Part of it is for her that I write this, for she wanted to know about my past with the twins and how things got where they did.

But I also write it because Iíve come into contact with the twins again. Actually, they contacted me first, never quite getting the same fulfillment and excitement I provided to them those years past. Communicating via email, they were wondering if I was up for another weekend tryst full of tight ties and erotic torments with them and how we could arrange it. Theyíve sent me current pictures of themselves and yes, they are just as sexy and gorgeous as ever. My wife has given me tentative permission, as long as she knows our past history and gets the chance to be involved too, perhaps even being the one who gets to tie a twin a time or two to test her binding skills. The twins have agreed, as long as the no lesbian action takes place between the three tied ladies.

So all my ladies are close to giving me a final discussion, which I fully expect to be a resounding yes from all partied involved. Plans are shaping up, with our activities commencing on a Friday evening and go deep into the Sunday night. Over 48 hours of bondage bliss and erotic encounters. I still have lots of creative fantasies for all of us.

I just hope Iím up for the challenge. I better check to see if I have enough rope for all three of them to be tied at once. And Iíll need to be very creative, tight and precise on my rope work, for Iíve been warned that if one gets free they would all turn the tables on me, not that that could be a bad thing. I wonder what 3 women would do to me?

But my plans donít call for that. My record it perfect, for both the twins and my wife have never escaped me once my ropes have been installed on their beautiful female forms. I will simply be extra proficient when tying and gagging my trio. Just thinking about having three hot gals tied up, squirming around naked and at my complete disposal is making my cock throb with excitement already. I fully expect Iím going to be real sore come that Monday, but oh what a ride it shall be

. The End

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